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Bolsonaro criticizes the resurgence of PiS/Cofins dos Combustíveis

Jair Bolsonaro in September 2022 during his visit to England. Photo: Reproduction

Jair Bolsonaro took to social media to criticize the reintroduction of fuel taxes by Lula’s government this week.

“Restructuring of fuel taxes has been announced, which increases the cost of food, public transport and all service sectors in the country”wrote Bolsonaro. “New tax increases are Lula’s promises”.

He also mentioned the reboot of the video game industry that Finance Minister Fernando Haddad promised later this month, and The alleged taxation of Pix, which was never discussed by the Central Bank and was used as a Bolsonarian argument in the elections.

The cost of gasoline taxes will be R$0.47 per liter, of which R$0.08 in PIS and R$0.38 in Cofins. For ethanol, the rate will be lower at R$0.02 for both contributions. The government also extended the tax exemption on aviation kerosene and vehicular natural gas (CNG) until the end of June.

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