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“Bolsonaro just became the Queen of England”.

Photo: Alan Santos/PR

Lawyer Elida Graziane, from the Ministry of Public Accounts of São Paulo, said in an interview with Estadão. that “chaos” created with PEC kamikazewhich institutions state of emergency and extends the payment of social benefits three months before the elections, a deliberate choice who has the power of the pen.

“It’s a carpet”he said. “They leave everything at the end of their terms, feeding the hungry after making terrible blackmail.”

For Graziane, what is intended to be achieved by what he calls “fiscal feudalism” is to extend the force budgetary semi-parliamentarianism.

This model in which Arthur Lira [presidente da Câmara] is already the de facto budget prime minister“, said.

“There will be no peace if we do not return to the base, which legally requires priority. Maybe deconstitutionalize some devices and strengthen planning, the Federal Covenant. However, at this moment the Congress is not relinquishing power. Congress is strengthened. Lira has more power than Bolsonaro. It is on him that we must begin to focus (…) Bolsonaro is one and only kind of queen of England. He has narrative power, but no real power.”

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