Bolsonaro praises fuel ICMS cut

The strategy of classifying the opponent as a “liar” based on economic benchmarks dominated the first block of the TV Globo debate.

In the first block, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) defended a measure approved during his administration on fuel cuts and accused leftist parties of voting against the measure. “We didn’t use a pen to lower fuel prices like they did in the past,” Bolsonaro teased, citing Petrobras’ high debt during PT administrations.

In response, former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) accused his opponent of cutting the states’ ICMS on fuel out of “cowardice”. He said that Bolsonaro did not have the courage to “stumble” on the prices of state-owned companies for fear of shareholders. “He could do that by lowering fuel prices without breaking the states,” he said.

The strategy of calling the opponent a “liar” based on economic guidelines dominated the first block of TV Globo’s debate. Bolsonaro has repeatedly praised his government’s economic data and demanded that Lula refute the thesis that his new government will contribute to the reduction of the minimum wage, the end of 13 and the end of vacations. On the other hand, Lula said that the president is the biggest “liar” in all the answers given.

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