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Boris Becker. Post-release interview – highlights

a tennis legend
“I was shaking so much.” The most important statements of Boris Becker’s first interview after imprisonment.

Former tennis star Boris Becker (r.) answers questions from moderator Steven Gaetjen in an interview on Sat.1.

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Former world tennis star Boris Becker, 55, spoke for the first time in an interview after being released from prison. The most impressive announcements at a glance.

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The face is more angular, the hair is copper blonde. On the outside, the experiences behind bars have left their mark on the former world tennis star. 55-year-old Boris Becker spent a total of 231 days in British custody. The time he thinks has changed him. “I think I’ve rediscovered the person I used to be,” Becker, who was “just a number” in prison, told A2923EV in his first interview since his release (see more about it here)

During an exclusive pre-recorded interview with moderator Stephen Gatjen broadcast on Sat.1 on Tuesday evening, Becker was thoughtful and remorseful. The most important announcements at a glance.

  • “No, of course, I was guilty” (when asked if he is innocent in prison)
  • “I felt hungry for the first time in my life, I went to bed hungry for the first time. (…) I ate less for weeks, maybe months, until I got better organized. (to the question of what health or physical consequences imprisonment had on him)
  • “Of course, when the judge gave me 30 months, my heart sank.”for judgment)
  • “You did everything to save my life. Maybe I could have repented more. (…) I did everything” (to the question of whether the lawyers had given him the right advice)
  • “It was great for me that all the kids took it honestly and seriously. It touched me so much. The hardest part was when I told my partner: “You don’t have to wait for me.” (… I don’t know “how long I have to go to jail”.about the moments leading up to the verdict)
  • “It’s about bare survival, every day. Every day you come out of your cell and fight for your skin because the guards don’t.”about prison)
  • “I had two big concerns. the first concern: double cell, why, the neighbor of the cell may lose his temper, may threaten you. I was afraid. (…) And the second biggest fear I had was taking a shower. I have that too. A lot of movies I’ve seen before didn’t help me.” (about his concerns before entering prison)
  • “I was shaking so much (…) He wanted to do my laundry and verbally explained to me what he wanted to do with me. (about the threats of a colleague)
  • “You go crazy in a cell, climb a wall that’s not particularly high. But after ten days of work, my life has settled down a bit in prison.” (after getting a job teaching English and maths in prison)
  • “Of course, I was ashamed, more than ashamed that I was convicted.”
  • “Prison is a different world. (…) All are the same. (…) I also believe that I will remain forever connected to some of the prisoners. (…) It connects us throughout life. I believe I will keep in touch with some of the prisoners, I hope to see him free soon. We needed each other.” (about colleagues who are of great importance to him)
  • “We needed prison to really come as close as we’ve ever been to being free.”about his many conversations with his daughter Anna Ermakova)

Becker was sentenced to prison by a London court in late April for failing to properly declare some of his assets during his bankruptcy proceedings. He was finally released on Thursday. The broadcaster had already shared the first quotes from the pre-show conversation (the star reported)

Steven Gatjen on Boris Becker. “I think he’s really ready to clean up.”

Moderator Stephen Gatjen, who has already met Becker, said of him: “I think he’s really ready to clear up and clarify a lot of things.” As Gatjen described it, Becker’s description of his first days in Wandsworth prison stuck in his mind. “There are not only people who have committed financial crimes, but also sex offenders, murderers and people who have committed major robberies. Boris Becker told me that he was very afraid of being put in a collective cell.

Shortly before his arrest in April, Becker was emotional in an interview with Apple TV+. “I’ve hit rock bottom, I’ll see what I do with it,” she tearfully said at the time. A few days later he went to jail.

Becker’s troubles in London began when he was declared bankrupt by the court in 2017. In fact, such procedures can be completed quite quickly in the UK. But it took a long time with Becker. Humiliating episodes followed. among other things, some of his trophies and other personal memorabilia were put up for public auction.

But it got worse. its insolvency administrator accused Becker of hiding millions in assets. The tennis legend had to go to court. At his spring trial, Becker pleaded not guilty to all counts. His lawyer portrayed him as a man who was often overwhelmed by the life of a star outside the tennis court, often left decisions to others and had little concern for the consequences of his actions. But the jury only partially believed him and found Becker guilty on several counts.

Sources: Saturday 1, press portal, with materials of the PRK news agency


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