Boris Johnson resigns.  reactions.  "Good news for the country".World News 

Boris Johnson resigns. reactions. “Good news for the country”.

British government crisis
“Good news for the country”. this is how leading politicians react to Johnson’s resignation.

Watch the video, according to media reports, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will resign in the fall.

According to the mass media, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to announce his resignation. The scandal-plagued Prime Minister wanted to address the nation on Thursday, according to the government seat at 10 Downing Street. This was seen as a clear indication of the impending resignation of Johnson, the leader of the British Conservative Party. At the latest, after the election of the successor, he would also be released from the post of Prime Minister.
Johnson had come under massive pressure in the past few days. Several members of the government and dozens of officials of the parliamentary government resigned from their positions. Most recently, Finance Minister Nadhim Zahavi, who was appointed to the post on Tuesday, even called for his resignation.
Labor leader Keir Starmer welcomed Johnson’s expected resignation. That is “good news,” Starmer said, according to Britain’s PA news agency. “But it should have happened a long time ago.”
A close confidant of Johnson said on Wednesday evening that the prime minister would not surrender. “The prime minister is optimistic and will continue to fight,” Johnson’s parliamentary aide James Duddridge told Sky News. Johnson won the electoral mandate in the last general election and “doing so much for the country”. But holding on to power looks unlikely given the formidable headwinds. On Thursday, the BBC, citing government sources, reported Johnson’s imminent resignation.
If necessary, the British media reports, Johnson should be dismissed by a vote of no confidence. The Tory politician narrowly escaped a vote of no confidence in his caucus just a month ago. Another vote of no confidence would require a change in internal party regulations. Johnson was initially expected to get a chance. But the pressure on Thursday was apparently too great.
The latest government crisis at Westminster has been sparked by an affair involving Johnson’s party colleague Chris Pincher, who has been accused of sexual harassment. It has previously emerged that Johnson knew about the allegations against Pincher before he was promoted to a key position in the faction. His spokesperson had denied this several times earlier.
The case now turned out to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Johnson has been under fire for months for holding illegal lockdown parties in Downing Street, the government seat, during the pandemic. He himself received a police warrant for taking part in an illegal assembly, making him the first British head of government to commit a criminal offense while in office. However, he denied his guilt for a long time.


In the end, everything went faster than expected: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will resign from his post. Reactions from politics were not late.

In the end, the house of cards surrounding the Prime Minister of Great Britain collapsed faster than expected. After an open rebellion against him, according to the media, Johnson will resign as leader of the Conservative Party on Thursday. The government spokesperson announced that the Prime Minister will address the nation on Thursday. According to the BBC, the change of power will not be finalized until the fall, and Johnson wants to be in office until then.

After a series of scandals, more than 50 ministers and other government officials resigned on Tuesday evening in protest against Johnson. On Thursday morning, the new Minister of Education, Michelle Donnellan, who was appointed just two days after the resignation of her predecessor, resigned. Moments earlier, Finance Minister Nadhim Zahavi, who was also appointed by Johnson just two days earlier, tweeted that he should “do the right thing and leave now”.

Reactions from politics were not late.

Labor leader Keir Starmer. “We need a real change of power.”

Social Democratic Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer was among the first senior politicians to speak out.

“The Conservatives have delivered 12 years of economic stagnation, declining public services and empty promises. We don’t need to replace the Tories at the top, we need a real change of government. We need a fresh start for Britain,” the 59-year-old said. – the year old tweeted. In a tweet, the Labor leader said Johnson’s resignation was “good news for the country” but came too late. The prime minister was unfit for office from the beginning and was responsible for lies, scandals and forgeries. “Enough, enough,” concludes Starmer.

George Freeman, who announced his resignation as science secretary only this morning, is going one step further. He urged Johnson to apologize to Queen Elizabeth and immediately appoint an acting prime minister. “We need ministers back to their desks,” Freeman tweeted.

Prime Minister of Scotland Sturgeon. The Tories should never have elected Boris Johnson as leader

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon speaks of a “widespread sense of relief” that the “chaos of the past few days” is now coming to an end.

However, he doubts that Johnson will be able to stay in his post until the fall. Like Starmer, he maintains that Johnson was the wrong man to be prime minister in the first place. The Tories should never have made him leader.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Great Britain

Simon Hoare, the Conservative chairman of the Northern Ireland Committee, also thinks it unlikely that Johnson will last until the autumn. Although the situation is “unconstitutional territory,” Hoare tweeted, “but he has to go and go means go.”

The Minister of Environmental Protection belatedly announced his resignation

Environment Minister Rebecca Pau, somewhat belatedly, also joins the ranks of ministers in turmoil. The 61-year-old woman announced in the morning that she is resigning from her position. In a letter to Johnson published on Twitter, which he appeared to have written before he resigned, he wrote that the position of prime minister was “no longer sustainable”.

“Westminster is a mess,” said Economy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng.

He also calls for a new head of the government “as soon as possible”. The wheels of the government must continue to turn.

Dominic Cummings, Johnson’s former right-hand man, was particularly hard on the outgoing prime minister. Cummings, now seen as Johnson’s nemesis, is calling on the Conservatives to impeach the Prime Minister today. “Get him out TODAY or he will cause carnage,” Cummings tweeted.

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