Bradesco cards. see which is the best option for you

Choose one CREDIT card it can often be a complicated task because you have to think about benefits, points, credit limit, annuity and other requirements. customers of Bradesco have a number of options to choose from. So check out which one is the best.

Bradesco Credit Cards

Among the benefits mentioned in the list, the main one is related to points programs, annuity and card brand. Therefore, it will be possible to check the best options for those who are looking for advantages in Bradesco credit card financial services.

The best cards for those who want to accumulate points

  • Platinum cardThis mode is great for those who want to accumulate points to exchange for other benefits in the future. The card Platinum card earns 2.2 Livelo points per dollar spent and also grants users access to VIP lounges. The annual fee for the service is 12 installments of R$135.
  • Smiles Visa PlatinumFor those who love to travel, this card is a great option. This is because the tool collects points in the Smiles program from Gol Linhas Aéreas. Although it does not generate points Livelo, all purchases made with this card generate 2 smile miles. In particular, at the time of purchase, the customer is awarded 15 miles, in addition to the right to private boarding with Gol. The annual fee is 4 installments of R$173.10.

Which cards offer brand benefits?

Bradesco cards that offer brand benefits are:

  • Bradesco Prime Mastercard BlackThis card is one of the most sought after as it provides up to 50% discount on the annuity of additional cards in addition to giving the user access to VIP rooms and concierge services. The tool earns 1.8 points per dollar spent and the annual fee is R$12×101.
  • Bradesco Visa InfiniteWith this card, users can get free access to several VIP lounges around the world, as well as earn bonus miles after purchase. The instrument offers 2.2 points per dollar and has a 12x annual payout of R$92.83.

Livelo is offering up to 50% off and unprecedented points purchase limit

Livelo offers a great opportunity to its customers. The program offers up to 50% off when you purchase points. The promotion offers a limit of up to 1250 points and will be valid till the next 19th.

According to the information received from the rewards program, discounts on point purchases will work as follows:

  • Subscribers for more than one year or subscribers of the Top do Clube Livelo plan; get a 50% discount;
  • Subscribers less than 1 year: get 45% off.

In addition, the cost per thousand units will be reduced from R$70 to R$35 for subscribers of more than one year or Top plan subscribers. BRL 38.50.

Specifically, customers will have a limit of points to be earned during the promotion per club. The project definition was as follows:

  • with subscribers Less than 3 reps of Clube Limite Purchase of 200,000 Livelo units within 30 days;
  • Clube 500, Clube 1200, Clube Classic and Clube Plus Limite Purchase of 300,000 Livelo units within 30 days;
  • Super Limit Club Purchase of 750,000 Livelo units within 30 days;
  • Mega Limit Club Purchase of 1,000,000 Livelo units within 30 days;
  • Top Limit Club buy 1,250,000 Livelo points within 30 days.

How to participate in the campaign?

Simply log in to take part in the promotion and guarantee your points with discounts official page Livelo shopping cart. The opportunity is great for customers who need points on the platform. In particular, the points can be transferred as a bonus in case of purchase of some products, for example, air tickets.

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