Brands promote culture at the Salvador Capital Afro Festival

Thai Monteiro

December 2, 2022 – 3:43 in the afternoon

From November 30 to December 4, the historic center of Salvador will host the first edition of the Salvador Capital Afrio Festival, a free event of the Salvador Capital Afro Movement, whose goal is to position Salvador as a reference for Afro tourism, nationally and internationally, through the evaluation of cultural manifestations , creative potential, tradition, ancestral technology and encouraging negotiations between blacks.

Salvador Capital Afro Festival brings together Globoplay, GNT, Panorâmica, Glaz, Kwai, SESC, Rec-Beat and Foro Cultural Hilvana (Credit: Disclosure/Festival Salvador Capital Afro) exhibitions and art presentations related to Afrofuturism, music, audiovisual, entrepreneurship and anti-racist politics .

“The proposal of the Salvador Capital Afro Festival is to be a movement that integrates the various actors that make up the local creative economy, activities that are the natural calling of the city of Salvador,” describes Simone Costa, head of the National Tourism Program. Actions Nucleus. of tourism development – ​​Prodetur Salvador.

Among the actors mentioned are brands from different segments. Globoplay, GNT, Panorâmica, Glaz, Kwai, SESC, Rec-Beat and Foro Cultural Hilvana are some of the vehicles and brands involved. They will participate in business round tables, panels, mentorships, workshops and consultations, all with the ultimate goal of promotion. the black creative economy of the city.

According to the executive, the audiovisual and musical elements are for expanding the Afro-Bahian creative chain, promoting the destination and generating business and therefore the organization has invited streaming platforms, aggregators, production companies, television channels, festival programmers, curators and other experts to learn about projects of directors, screenwriters, artists, music producers and, possibly, bet on these initiatives.

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“The topic of diversity is necessary in the corporate environment and more and more companies are sensitive to this issue ~”, points out Simone. The organizational program is also part of the panel event “Anti-Racist Practices in Organizations”, in which, in addition to the Instituto Identidades do Brasil, professionals from Globo, Natura and Mercado Livre will participate.

“This is the first edition of Salvador Capital Afro. This achievement is expected to consolidate the Salvador Capital Afro movement as a continuous platform for articulation, sharing and business for creative industries of African origin”, expresses the CEO.

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