Brands use Virginia’s controversial social media base

Barbara Saccitiello

March 10, 2023 – 10:37 am

The world of beauty and makeup has been involved in controversy in recent days over the new powder launched by influencer Virginia Fonseca through her WePink brand of cosmetic products.

As soon as she presented the product, the influencer started receiving criticism because of the price of the base: R$ 199.99. Many people considered the Virginia foundation a high value national product and used social media to question the brand and influencer.

Due to Virginia Fonseca’s large audience on social networks – on Instagram alone, this influencer and businesswoman has more than 42.6 million followers – the topic quickly resonated and became even more visible this Thursday, the 9th, when other beauty influencers began to test ” Virginia Foundation”. ” on their social networks with criticism of the quality of the product.

Brands exploit controversies among people

While influencers criticized the characteristics of the WePink foundation and pointed to other national and international foundation options that can be purchased at a lower price, some cosmetics and cosmetic brands used the buzz to promote their products.

For Quem Disse, Berenice, a brand of the Boticário group, used her social media channel to present some options from her bases.

In a post on Twitter, Quem Disse Berenice wrote: “National bases you can call your own that cost less than R$200.

Avon also played with the theme. “There’s so much trouble on the Internet because of the powder, isn’t it?”, they wrote on the brand’s profile, pointing out a video in which film critic Isabela Boscov praises the quality of the powder.

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