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Brasmarket has published a new survey on the second round

Photo by Klauber Kleber Caetano/PR and Ricardo Stuckert Editing by Daniel Medeiros/The Opponent

the institute Brassmarket On Friday (28), he published a new survey regarding the second round of the presidential elections.

According to the survey: Jair Bolsonaro has 48.2% voting intentions, against Lula’s 42.7%. Blanks and zeros are added 4.3%who don’t know/didn’t answer 2.5%and those who said they would not vote 2.3%.

In the previous survey published last Monday (24), the president had 47.7% of voting intentions, compared to PT’s 41.8%. The margin of error is two percentage points.

taking into account valid votes, Bolsonaro stands at 53%, Lula at 47%.

2400 interviews were conducted 529 municipalities in Brazilbetween October 23 and 27. The request is registered in the Electoral Court under protocol BR-07309/2022.

the opponent adopted as an editorial policy to publish the results of all polls registered in the TSE, to ensure that the reader has access to the various forecasts and to evaluate the performance of each of the institutions that measure the voting intention of the Brazilian voter.

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