Brazilians can wind up with up to R$10,000

Some time ago, Brazilians heard about the added value that could be obtained FGTS review. Although nothing has been resolved in the case yet, the ministers of the STF (Supreme Federal Court) court have already set this agenda for April 20.

The ADI (Direct Action of Unconstitutionality) filed by the Solidarity party calls for the use of the TR (reference rate) in balance corrections. However, at the discretion of the FGTS review, things may change. And to know more details about it, keep reading today’s article prepared by Notícias Concursos.

Why “FGTS Review”?

Since 1999, the Fundo de Garantia balance has been adjusted based on the TR, which today is close to 0.08%, plus 3% per annum. This percentage, unfortunately, does not reach the level that successfully replaces the losses caused by the increase in the prices of goods and services (inflation). Last year, the inflation index reached 5.93 percent.

Thus, in the revision of FGTS, the intention is to exchange TR by IPCA (National Index of Consumer Abundance) or INPC (National Index of Consumer Prices). Both indicators are the responsibility of IBGE (National Institute of Geography and Statistics).

Which citizens benefit?

All citizens who have a balance in their FGTS account since 1999 will be able to benefit from this revision, even those who have already settled it. See the list.

  • Rural workers;
  • City workers;
  • intermittent workers (Law No. 13,467/2017);
  • Independent workers;
  • Temporary workers;
  • Safreiro (farm worker who works only during harvest);
  • The director does not work;
  • Professional athletes;
  • Housewife.


If the STF rules in favor of working citizens, those who have deposited money into the Fundo de Garantia account since 1999 will be entitled to a guaranteed review. However, for some people, this means that the compensation will be more than twenty years of monetary loss.

According to experts, a decision in favor FGTS review will result in approximately BRL 300 billion in “overdue” payment. But, if we take into account the total number of employees with FGTS accounts and the losses recorded in recent years. The company responsible for the LOIT FGTS page made a “broad” calculation that each individual could receive up to R$ 10,000, depending on how long they worked, as well as the salary they received during that period.

See what success is on the Internet.

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