Brazil's aid of R$ 600 already this July;  understandEnglish 

Brazil’s aid of R$ 600 already this July; understand

The federal government is racing against time to begin paying benefits created with PEC of Kindness this month, if the Proposal for the Amendment of the Constitution is approved this week in the hall, as predicted by the Speaker of the Assembly, Arthur Lira (PP-AL).

Passed by the Senate this Thursday (June 30), three months before the election, the PEC allows the government to spend $41.2 billion outside of any fiscal rules until the end of the year. The proposal also imposed a state of emergency in the country until the end of the year, to circumvent election legislation – which prohibits the creation of benefits in an election year.

All benefits provided by the PEC must be paid by Caixa Econômica Federal.

truck drivers

Among the benefits is what has been called Pix Trucker, a monthly payment of R$1,000 for self-employed drivers. The program got its name precisely because the amount must be transferred directly to the truck driver’s account through the box hasthe Caixa app created during the Covid-19 pandemic to pay emergency aid.

For this benefit, the Autonomous Register of Freight Carriers will be used, which is part of the National Register of Road Freight Carriers (RNTRC) held by the National Land Transport Agency.

To avoid a race for this enrollment, Congress limited the benefit to those already enrolled in ANTT until May. Thus, 872,320 vehicle drivers will benefit. Obtaining the benefit does not depend on proof of oil purchase and no other proof should be required, only registration with ANTT.

To register in this register, it is necessary to have passed a specific course or have at least three years of experience in the activity; be the owner, co-owner or lessee of at least one vehicle capable of carrying at least 500 kilograms.

taxi drivers

The PEC also provides for a monthly benefit for taxi drivers, capped at $2 billion by the end of the year. The approved text does not say how much this amount will be, but the government says it should be R$ 200 per month. The benefit must also be paid through Caixa Tem and will be intended for taxi drivers registered in the municipalities.

Unlike other programs, however, there is no national registry of taxi drivers, only municipal registries according to each city’s rules. According to government technicians, a registration must be opened for taxi drivers, through a permit document to provide the service issued by the municipality until May.

Brazil’s help

PEC also envisages increasing from R$ 400 to R$ 600 the minimum value of Brazil’s help, as well as eliminating the current queue of families waiting for the benefit. In this case, the operationalization is simpler, since the government has the family registers. The expectation within the government is that, if the July payroll comes out with no additional benefit, a new, supplementary payroll will be issued to allow the payment to reach R$600 this year.

The proposal also transfers $2.5 billion to states, the Federal District and municipalities that have regular urban, semi-urban or metropolitan public transportation services. This money will be used to subsidize tickets for the elderly, which are free, and to prevent ticket increases. The money will be distributed in proportion to the population over 65 living in cities.

Finally, the proposal will subsidize states to reduce the ICMS tax on ethanol so that the tax paid on this fuel is in line with gasoline.

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