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Brazil’s Phase 1 Covid vaccine delayed by three months with multi-million federal investment

Photo: Flickr/São Paulo State Government

Oh The federal government has already invested more than R$15 million In the development of a fully Brazilian vaccine against Covid, which was first announced in early January, but the final immunizer still lagging three months ago in the first round of testing.

The data came from Vacina of the Ministry of Science and Technology, which finances the project through its committee of experts in response to the pandemic, Rede Vírus.

The initial phase of clinical trials began on January 13 at Hospital da Bahia in Salvador.

The development of research is hampered mainly by the lack of volunteers.

Only 39 of the initially estimated 90 volunteers are participating in the project until the moment.

Volunteers must be between the ages of 18 and 55 and reside in the state of Bahia. They also cannot be vaccinated against Covid until they have taken just two doses of Coronavac.

The vaccine was developed by the Senai-Cimatec higher education institution in collaboration with the American biotechnology company HDT Bio Corp and under the guidance of researcher Roberto Badaro of the Federal University of Bahia.

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