BRAZIL’S R$ 600 aid will be TOMORROW. see who gets it

The federal government has confirmed the expectation of a payment schedule Aid to Brazil. The change was defined by the normative instruction published in the “Official Gazette” on July 25.

However, the change did not affect the payments for the remaining months of the year (September, October, November and December). Benefit release is made according to the beneficiary’s final NIS number.

See the new calendar below.

The end of NIS august September October november december
1: 09/Aug September 19 18/Oct Nov 17 12/dec
two August 10 20/Sept 19/Oct Nov 18 13/Dec
3: August 11 Sep/21 20/Oct November 21 14/Dec
4: August 12 22/Sept 21/Oct November 22 15/dec
5:00 August 15 23/Sept 24/Oct November 23 16/Dec
6:00 August 16 26/Sept 25/Oct November 24 19/Dec
7:00 August 17 27/Sept 26/Oct November 25 20/Dec
8 o’clock August 18 28/Sept 27/Oct November 28 21/Dec
9:00 August 19 29/Sept 28/Oct November 29 22/Dec
0: August 22 30/Sept 31/Oct November 30 December 23

The allowance increases from August

Through a decision published in the “Official Gazette” on July 20, Auxílio Brasil beneficiaries will receive an additional R$ 200 in their monthly payments between August and December of this year.

government expenditure forecast for payment Aid to Brazil The value of R$ 600 is R$ 26 billion. In addition, the gas voucher should also increase from R$60 to R$120 every two months, increasing the cost of the program by more than R$1 billion.

who can get

There are three ways to get it Aid to Brazil:

  • If you already had Bolsa Familia. Aid to Brazil will be paid automatically;
  • If you are in CadÚnico but have not received Bolsa Família, go to the reserve list;
  • If you are not in CadÚnico, you have to search CRAS for registration without guarantee of getting one.

The benefit is intended for families in extreme poverty. Families in poverty can also receive, as long as they have, among their members pregnant women or people under the age of 21.

Families in extreme poverty are those with a per capita monthly household income of up to R$105. Those in poverty have a per capita monthly household income between R$105.01 and R$210.

Regarding the payment of aid to Brazil

By phone

  • The beneficiary can call the number 121 of the Ministry of Citizenship;
  • In addition, the beneficiary can also call the Caixa service center at 111.

through applications

  • First, in the Auxílio Brasil app (available for free download for Android and iOS);
  • Finally, in the Caixa Tem app (available for free download for Android and iOS).

See what success is on the Internet.

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