Brendan Fraser does not rule out a return in Mumia 4! The actor also revealed the reason behind the failure of the 2017 film

It’s hard to hide that Brendan Fraser has been remembered by many cinema fans in recent months. It’s all thanks to the movie Whalewhich was widely repeated throughout the industry. It is quite possible that it is on the wave of this “renewed” popularity that viewers wonder if the actor could appear in the production of the series again. Mother.

Mummy 4 and Brendan Fraser? It is not impossible at all

In the history of cinema, a whole lot of films have been made focusing on the Mummy’s character and the atmosphere of ancient Egypt. The most well-known production, however, is the one from 1999. Production with just the title Mother won the hearts of viewers around the world and collected over $416 million at the box office along the way. No wonder that in the following years Universal Pictures decided to create two sequels to stories from the late 90s of the last century. Both The mummy returns (2001) and Mummy Dragon Emperor’s Tomb (2008) proved to be equally big box office hits. Let us remind you that behind the production of all three films he was already legendary Stephan Sommers.

The other character that connects the entire trilogy is of course Brendan Fraserthat played Rick O’Connell in every position in the series. Naturally, Universal Pictures cashed in on the success of the series’ films mother, insisted on creating more titles. Unfortunately for the label, all attempts ultimately failed. This condition continued until 2017, when he made his debut on the big screen a brand new film that shows the title monster from a fresh perspective. Then it was about the production power Tom Cruisewho starred as Nick Morton. unfortunately Mother it was not well received by the viewers but deserved by her 410 million dollars certainly did not meet the expectations of the creators.

This is where the character of Brendan Fraser reappears, as during a recent conversation with the service Variety referred to both Mumia’s failures in 2017 and the possibility of making a new film in the series, where he would play Rick O’Connell again. Interestingly, the experienced actor does not shy away from such an idea, but his doubts are raised by the way the main character returns to the series. Fraser pointed out that he does not want to create a new film in the series in the form of a “cash jump”.

I don’t know how this could happen [fabularny powrót O’Connela – przyp. red.]but I would be open to it. It’s just that someone has to come up with the right idea.

Brendan Fraser on the possibility of filming The Mummy 4

What went wrong with Tom Cruise’s Mumia?

What went wrong with Tom Cruise's Mumia?

As I mentioned above, Universal Pictures was so eager to create a new production related to the eponymous monster the main managers of the brand decided to involve Tom Cruise himself in the project. In the original assumptions, the undisputed action movie star was supposed to bring the entire franchise to a new level. The developers’ plans included refreshing the mighty universe (Dark universe), which could easily compete with other popular franchises.

Finally Mother in 2017, it became somewhat of a symbol of Universal Pictures’ failure. Viewers often compared the new production to the classic trilogy created by Stephan Sommers. Needless to say, in such combinations, films starring Brendan Fraser dominated on almost every level. On the Polish website Filmweb Mother directed by Alex Kurtzman can “boast” a rating of 5.4/10 (66 thousand votes). In the case of global iMDB, the score is identical, but the film was rated by almost 200,000 Internet users.

During the conversation with the service Variety Brendan Fraser was asked about the failure of the title five years ago. Interestingly enough 53-year-old as the main reason for the poor acceptance of the “new” Mother pointed out the creators’ too pompous approach to the subject. According to the actor, the films from the series in question should be characterized by a fast-paced adventure, but also a large amount of humor, while in the case of the 2017 production, Universal Pictures seriously exaggerated the whole enterprise.

In a newer version Mother it lacked a certain amount of fun and sense of humor…this movie reminded me of a more serious horror movie. This series should take us on an exciting adventure, but it must not be creepy! I know it’s hard to do, I’ve tried it myself three times…

Phrases on the reasons for Mumia’s failure in 2017

Source: Variety

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