Brittany Murphy, her brother, renewed the argument by ensuring that he was put to death

This November 20 marks the third anniversary of one of the deaths that rocked Hollywood: Brittany Murphy🇧🇷 The protagonist of titles like outside the wave O broken innocence she was found alive aged 32 in the house she shared in Los Angeles with her husband, the British screenwriter Simon Monjack, who also died five months later under similar circumstances. Tony Bertolotti, brother of the translator on the priest’s side, He revived the controversy and the unknowns that continue to live around this case, while maintaining that the two disappearances correspond to murder.


The Confrontation of Brittany Murphy’s Priests After Her Death

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“There’s no way he died of natural causes. It’s impossible,” he says in The sun🇧🇷 It disagrees with the medical examiner’s report, which cited pneumonia aggravated by anemia and prescription drug abuse as the cause of Brittany’s disappearance. Support your father I requested a toxicology report on the actress and the results showed “impurities in her blood, including arsenic.” Also, one wonders why the translator’s mother ran her under a hot shower to try to revive her when she found her passed out on the bathroom floor: “That’s how the temperature rises.”

Bertolotti also spoke about the legacy he left to his sister through the extensive performing career he developed. It is estimated that Brittany’s fortune is ten million dollars and it is not known what happened to this amount. In this sense, it shows that some family members tried to get details but were unable to do so. Additional, cited three names as people who have controlled the money since 2009: Murphy’s mother, a journalist and the actress’ doctor🇧🇷 “The legacy was in the hands of Sharon, an editor at an important Hollywood periodical and also a diabetes doctor from Miami, where she was from,” he says.

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Brittany’s brother claims that Brittany’s husband removed him from the will, which passed into the hands of the actress’ mother, but its contents are confidential and held in trust. On her day, the financially responsible actress explained to People that after his client’s death, his widow took 80% of the money from bank accounts. Tony reports that the data that was known to his father, his father Angelo Bertolot, thanks to the investigation that led to his death in January 2019. In this process I was able to speak with the mayor of the family, who “knows more than nadie” . His wish is for the case to be reopened and for “justice” to be served, although he admits he has no faith that will happen.


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