Brooklyn residents complain of flooding during rains in São Paulo

In a complaint sent to Jovem Pan, a resident reports the situation and says that the roads are ‘impassable’ when it rains in the Southern Zone neighborhood of the capital.

News of New PanBrooklyn floods
Roads in the region were flooded by the recent storms that hit the city

Residents of the neighborhood Brooklyn complain about continuous flooding in the Southern Zone neighborhood of the city São Paulo. In a complaint made by a viewer i New panit was reported that the neighborhood is in a complicated situation, with the proximity of the Brooklyn station, Line 5-Jargavan, were taken from the water. On March 8, the scene was repeated. Felipe Siqueira, responsible for the complaint, regretted the situation. “It was an old problem that has worsened recently with the works that came here, a noble region that is getting high developments. But, unfortunately, on rainy days the region is flooded, impassable and the worker who comes here to live or enjoy it cannot pass. […] We have a petition that requires action from the Municipality, the state, the councilors, everyone”, says Felipe. Another reported problem is the difficulty of crossing the intersection of Avenidas Santo Amaro and Avenida Roque Petrone Júnior, in front of the Station. Felipe remembers that he was promised a crosswalk that would make life easier for pedestrians. But the station was inaugurated in September 2017 and, until today, the work has not happened. In a statement, the municipality said that Avenida Roque Petroni Júnior receives weekly cleaning services and that there are ongoing studies with the Municipal Secretariat of Infrastructure and works that envisage the construction of a reservoir to curb flooding in the region.

*With information from journalist Luiz Guerra

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