Bungie wants to revive the 25-year-old franchise and challenge Escape from Tarkov

Studio Bungie – creators of Halo and Destiny – is reportedly working on reviving the Marathon brand, recently active in the 1990s.

As the Insider-gaming website reports, new title & lstrok; there is & eogon; supposedly in alpha version. It has the position & cacute; archer & eogon; intended for & aogon; for three-member bands and represents the genre drawing shooterpopularized by Escape from Tarkov.

For games of this type with & aogon; simple: explore smaller or larger maps, fight & aogon; c not only with artificial & aogon; intelligence, but also with other players. If & sacute; if successful & eogon; from & zdot; y & cacute; and it arrives & cacute; to the place of evacuation, we keep the found goods. In the case of & sacute; death, we lose more than that spoilbut also equipment that is taken on missions.

Of course, it is not clear how much the new Marathon benefits from these “depressions”. Bungie is currently owned by Sony, which wants to release & cacute; over ten & eogon; & cacute; “Igre-us & lstrok; ug”, a highlight title & lstrok; & eogon; in such conditionswith many updates, season passes and so on.

The first marathon will show & lstrok; si & eogon; 1994 and quickly became & lstrok; is considered one & aogon; of the best Mac shooters. The action takes place & eogon; in the future & lstrok; about & sacute; ci, and the player assumes the role of & eogon; w strza & zdot; nika borba & aogon; cs to aliens who entered & eogon; for the title of the new spaceship.

Marathon 2: Durandal from 1995 will hit & lstroke; already & zdot; for more & eogon; with & aogon; numbers & eogon; target platforms. The same hero l & aogon; produces this time on the planet Lh’owon, where & aogon; d derives & aogon; si & eogon; aliens of the S’pht race. The climax of the trilogy – Marathon Infinity – is again the title & lstroke; already & zdot; only for Apple hardware, offers complex & aogon; fabu & lstrok; & eogon ;, with an alternative & aogon; version & aogon; events & nacute; and jumps in time.

Premiere & lstrok; & aogon; exclusively on Mac computers reduces the popularity of & sacute; & cacute ;. Games collect & lstrok; y & sacute; great grades and it seems & eogon ;, & zdot; and already & zdot; in the mid-90s. k & lstrok; ad & lstrok; y some foundations for & eogon; Hellowhich showed & lstrok; a & eogon; pi & eogon; & cacute; year after the last marathon.

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