Burglars shot a 67-year-old businessman in an armored Porsche; watch the video

From Redakcija 1 December 27, 2022 at 10:43 | Updated on December 27, 2022 at 10:44 am

Manaus – The Civil Police of São Paulo are looking for four criminals who attacked and opened fire on a luxury model Porsche car, in the Rio Pequeno district, in the western zone of the city of São Paulo. The case happened in Rio Pequen, in the western zone of São Paulo, last Friday (23).

They ambushed the 67-year-old’s vehicle in broad daylight. The vehicle was hit by five shots. Security cameras from local businesses captured the moment the driver was approached. Three boys arrive in a black car, get out of the car and shoot. The driver reverses, collides with the criminals’ car, almost runs over one of them, accelerates and manages to escape.

Watch the video:

Upon arrival at the ambush site, three men disembark, one of whom is armed. He tries to hand over the driver of the Porsche, who starts running away in reverse.

The thief hit the glass several times with the gun in his hand. As the driver did not stop, he started shooting at the vehicle.

The driver of the Porsche who fired during the attempted robbery said he knew the car’s armor would withstand the impact of the shot.

“I focused on getting out of the spot. He knew the armor would withstand a few shots from the pistol. The problem is the hits in the same place. If they are in different places, the car can become Gruyère cheese with nothing happening. I’m not hurt. I have been robbed several times,” said the 67-year-old driver, who wished to remain anonymous.

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