But cheap! Tesla lowers prices

Elon Musk wants to convince more customers to buy an electrician in another way. This time he hits with the strongest argument and significantly lowers the prices of the Tesla Model 3 and Y. How much does electricity cost now?

Big reduction in Tesla prices

Not so long ago, we announced that Tesla makes it possible to replace the steering wheel with a classic steering wheel in the new Models S and X. It was a move that will be appreciated by potential customers who are afraid of the imposed presence of the so-called called. yoke in the latest models.

Although the Model Y is already the most popular car in Europe, and the competing Model 3 is slightly less popular – soon the cheapest electric cars from Musk could be ordered even more readily. All because Tesla has just lowered the prices of two models – and it is doing so.

New prices of the cheapest Tesla

The cheapest Teslas do not necessarily mean the worst. The basic and most affordable Model 3 and the larger Model Y have been discounted. In selected configurations, the price has dropped by more than PLN 50,000. zloty. So how do the current Tesla Model 3 and Y prices compare to yesterday’s figures?

  • Tesla Model 3 (base, rear-wheel drive): PLN 219,990 (was: PLN 244,990)
  • Tesla Model 3 Long Range: PLN 254,990 (was: PLN 284,990)
  • Tesla Model 3 performance: PLN 284,990 (was: PLN 305,990)
  • Tesla Model Y (base, rear-wheel drive): PLN 229,990 (was: PLN 274,990)
  • Tesla Model Y Long Range: PLN 259,990 (was: PLN 314,990)
  • Tesla Model Y performance: PLN 299,990 (was: PLN 329,990)

Tesla prices

A cheap and good electrician for just over 200,000. zloty

Today’s price reduction of Tesla could significantly affect the interest for electricians in Poland. Tesla produces cars that are competitive due to their performance, equipment, but also – perhaps above all – fast delivery times.

Now there is another argument in favor of buying an electrician from Elon Musk – a much lower price. However, it should be borne in mind that currently valid prices may change – it is difficult to determine if and when this will happen.

Nevertheless, the price reduction of selected Tesla models (the more expensive S and X remain at the same price) is the result of increased production efficiency and better management of the logistics process.

Source: Tesla

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