Buy your company’s Christmas lottery ticket and win €1 million in the Euromillions game

There is no better feeling than going to the lottery office to look for a new ticket and look at the old one realize you are a millionaire. This is exactly what happened to a neighbor from the Madrid town of Fuenlabrada who managed to get home last Tuesday, November 29 Euromillions prize of one million euros.

She has just been awarded additional prize game ‘The Million’, which is automatically included in all EuroMillions tickets and in which all players participate simply by purchasing a ticket. This alphanumeric code is randomly selected every Tuesday and Friday, so there is always a winner.

The most interesting thing about this story is that the lucky one, at first, was in charge of buying several tens of Christmas Lottery for colleagues from his company for the next draw on December 22, and spent the entire process online. Then he used the situation to make a simple bet in Euromillions and finally it was the winner, explains the owner of the board, José Fernández, for Cadena Ser.

He found out about the lottery

The administration in charge of awarding this great award was number 6, called ‘Carlos III’ and which is is located in the city of Fuenlabrada. All procedures were done online, and the winner does not want to reveal her identity yet.

Fernández, manager of the administration, called the lucky guy The same morning he revealed that he had shared €1 million from the EuroMillions. However, according to the lottery account, the woman did not know the news yet when she told her. The winning combination was KLF29468. It should be noted that no other award was given in Spain, neither in the first nor in the second category. And this Friday the jackpot goes up to 130 million euros on the occasion of the special “Good Friday” draw.

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