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-Sale a la venta en exclusive en El Corte Inglés?

-Yes. With this brand, I want to fill us with tools that allow us to express ourselves to women. Dare to be nosotras mismas requiere ferocidad. We have always been asked to give up many parts of ourselves in order to fit into who we are meant to be. I grew up hearing that generally women, if they are beautiful, are not intelligent. Or, if they are beautiful, they are not successful at work.

-Do you also suffer from this topic? ¿O el de guapa y tonta?

-No, but yo misma lopensaba. It’s not what I was told, but it’s what I felt

– Was it a label you introduced?

– Absolutely present. Am I smart or am I smart? But there has always been a division. Also, if we were told that women, to be beautiful and beautiful, should be delicate, subtle, smooth. And yes, it’s very nice, but it’s also very feminine: the chaotic, the fierce, the instinctive, the strong.

Laura Londoneau©Fernando Junco
At the age of three and four, the Colombian actress had to deal with the “boom” of her popularity and the birth of little Micaela.

-The last time you visited Spain, you told us that you were dealing with Spanish citizenship. Do you understand?

-He hasn’t arrived yet, but I think he has! I didn’t wake up! (laughing).

-How do you experience the success of Coffee with a feminine aroma🇧🇷

– It was super cute. All over Latin America and many countries, people keep asking me to go. I have to start doing that. I’m still picking fruit, but on the ground, I’m everyone working on this project.

-What do you look like Gaviota?

-En muchas cosas: al amor por la tierra. For example, I grew up on farms. Also in love with mom, family… For the most important things, for getting through without so much damage.

-¿Y en el temperament?

-Yes, also in the character (Rie). A veces, lo tiene mais ella ya veces más yo (echa una carcajada).

– How do you differ from your character in the series?

– Sometimes Gaviota is taken in hand with dignity. Not only is she not a decent woman, but sometimes she passes for pride.

-¿No eres?

-Not so much. There were times when I was interpreting it, I was like, “Yeah, nope” (laughs).

Laura Londono and her family© Hernan Puentes

– You say not so much…

-Not so much, but casi (echa una carcajada). It could be, it could be.

– Have you watched your daughters in the series?

– They’re not on TV. La mayor tiene three años y no ve casi televisión. I don’t like No se… Como decimos en Colombia: en casa de herrero, asador de palo… I think it’s very important that they have fun with other things. Above all with age. Well, only once did my mother show a scene and it was just Gaviota with her little baby. My daughter didn’t understand that… How terrible it looked (laughs).

– Then the impact.

– Yes, yes. What if he felt unfaithful! (laughing). No le gustó… Y Nunca Más.

– Do you keep in touch with William Levy?

-Yes. We write from time to time, of course. The last one, two weeks ago, when I was recording Planeta Calleja, with Jesus Calleja. We were in the hacienda, drinking coffee with the scent of women, and of course that’s where I experienced everything. Then I uploaded a video and I was happy.

-¿Qué highlights of William that arouses so many passions?

-Su nobility. She is a very noble person and she is very beautiful.

-El ha vuelto con su pareja…

-I do not know. I have no idea. I don’t know how to tell you (laughs).

-This 2022 also ends very well for you.

-Yes, it was a valuable year. It was like a volcano of events and happenings and they are all like that… -He makes a boiling noise-. It goes by at all and there is a lot of movement… I feel very happy. Also very tired. I feel like a juggler, like I had a lot of balls in the air. I don’t have time (laughs)..

– You are the second daughter Mikaela, born in a fever.

– I have a ten month old baby, yes.

Laura Londono and her husband©londonnotlaura
In this image, Laura Londono and her husband.

-How’s the little one?

-Ya gatea and say mama and papa… I started saying these words two months ago… And you melted me right out of love. When someone has hijja, they say it’s the men who are in love with him… But men and mothers too… Everyone.

-How do you combine motherhood with all this craziness?

– No lo sé… ¿La ganas? Is it love that gives us the energy we don’t know we have to do all that we do? But you don’t have to give up anything.

– Are you accompanying your children on this trip to Spain?

-IN. It’s the first time I’m going without them. I’m on vacation and I’m happy.

-¿¿Por qué puedes hacer tus planes?

– I am happy because I have time for myself. Perhaps the role of the mother is the most important, but it is not the only one. There is also my role as a wife, my role as an actress, my role as a businesswoman and my role as a husband, which I also need.

-There are working women who feel guilty. Does it happen to you too?

– Yes, la culpa es una cosa… La maternidad comes de la mano de la culpa. And that’s something you have to work on a lot. We are always taught to take care of others first and not so much ourselves. Taking care of yourself is seen as selfish, but even if you talk about putting your children aside for a moment to take care of you. But if you are not well, you have nothing good to give. You need time for yourself, quality time to be well, to know what fulfills you as a woman and as a person, to share and pass on that happiness and well-being to your children.

– Your husband is accompanying you tonight. How did you settle into this world of tujo?

– The reason we are together is that we support each other a lot. He is always there for me when I have an event. In addition, in this case the event is for two. The company es de los dos… ¡Dodo! It is an adventure and, by the way, a son of both.

Ten years have passed since the beginning of your love story.

-Sí, in marzo.

-¿Qué balance haces?

-Wonderful. I am happy.

-You have been able to share your life by changing your life so much in the last few years. Was it worth it to get it or was it easy?

– I believe that true love removes all sconces. I have to remember what the essentials are, why we are together and why we fall in love with each other. But we constantly remember el uno al otro de lo esencial y lo importa. Now, for the most part, we have two children and a very beautiful home. This is what needs to be maintained today as if it were feelings and very real things, not because I have become this myself [buena] plant what… No. Estoy con un hombre del que me gustan sus valores. Y él también ve en mi una candidad de cosas. He accompanies me in all my successes, without feeling in addition the tension that men sometimes feel when they are next to a successful woman. That is a lot.

-But Santiago doesn’t feel that pressure.

-IN. If you feel good next to me and that’s very beautiful because you let me be and let me be. He never tells me that. C. Let me be free. Therefore, our brand says that we are free women, which is important.

– What would you point out about your husband?

– He seems to me a very wise, very suitable, very intelligent, very insightful person. People ask me: Pero, ¿él no se muere de celos? Sure, but it doesn’t tell me anything. Tiene una prudencia, because you know that if you tell me something, I will run away. I feel you are a wise and loving person.

– Now that it’s Christmas, do you like these closures?

-I love Christmas.

-Have you ever seen these fiestas in Spain?


– Are they very different?

-IN. They are the same as there. Bueno, there are a lot more lights in Medellin. But it’s specific to this city I’m from that shines too brightly.

-How will you spend these celebrations?

-On the twenty-first day I will be in Colombia, on a farm and with my family: my mother, my brother, my sons… Instead, with my husband’s family, we will spend New Year’s in Cartagena [de Indias]on a delicious island.

-¿Cómo se celebran las Navidades en tu tierra?

– Always in the family. Nosotros makes buñuelos, which are like a round fried and delicious dough… spectacularly filling (rie). Luego, un postre que se llama natilla, que es como un dulce… No sé si estoy hablando en chino (ríe). También pavo, obviously. El treinta y uno do all kinds of rituals. I always like to make a list of things that I want to let go of this year and that I want to transform. Las quemo con el año viejo. Luego, we are making lists of things I want to attract for the new year.

Laura Londoneau©londonnotlaura

-When you think of Christmas, what memories do you have in mind?

-Scraping the eye on the back of the head. In leña, hacían una fogata y metían una llagiant olla de natilla, que es este postre typical of Colombia.

-¿Como un flan pero más liquid?

– Act.

– Same as in Spain.

– Well, pues eso. Then drop the greased olla and uno empieza a scrape it… Delicious.

-¿Papa Noel or Reyes Magos?

– Santa Claus. Los Reyes Magos y el Niño Dios. In fact, el Niño Dios el veinticuatro de diciembre.

-Is there a gift that you particularly remember from your childhood?

-One year they gave me the bicycle and I started crying… Why, where was El Niño Dios? I left the gift if it was and I can’t see it… I didn’t want the bike or anything (laughs). It was very chicita.

-With the end of 2022, let’s balance. What is the best of this year?

– Mikaela, of course. Y Feroz, que es otro hijo. Ay, no sé, mi familia.

– Is it worse?

– He had little time for me.

-¿Target for 2023?

– Dance more. I really miss dancing. I am a ballerina at heart and have been dancing for many years. Iba a classes y ahora no tengo tiempo. That means no bailo y ahora solo bailo when I’m invited to a party, but I need it as a daily routine.

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