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Editorial office on July 27, 2022 at 10:21 p.m

Brazil – Caio Castro became the talk of social media after he said he was embarrassed to have to pay the bill on a date. “There is a difference between paying a bill and paying a bill. It bothers me very, very much, what I don’t want, this feeling that I have to support, that I have to pay, that I have to… I have nothing to start with,” the actor said in a recent interview.

Should women or shouldn’t they split the restaurant bill for a special night out with their partner? It twists and turns, this discussion comes up and always causes controversy. Recently, this issue was raised by Caio, who is currently dating model Daiane de Paula.

I’m trying to invite you to dinner, I’m going to the toilet, I’ve already paid the bill… It’s not even enough, it’s already taken care of… Now, you asked for the bill and you didn’t move and you never asked, as if I had that role? You are not my daughter,” Caio said during a conversation on the Sua Brother podcast on YouTube.

The artist said that he got rid of prejudices and stereotypes about masculinity. “Sometimes I was ashamed to become emotional about something, I held back tears in simple things: movies… I don’t have to be tough, I have to be human, I have to try to correct those things that are bad for us. I have my weaknesses, my insecurities in some places, I cry for sad things, yes, and I cry for other things that are happy (…) Today I am a very free guy. It’s transformative,” he said.

Cai’s speech resonated online. Some women were not comfortable with the actor’s position.

“This video where Caio Castro says he doesn’t feel obligated to support his wife and lists the dinner bill really hit me! Pay the bill and think it supports? It pays for my gym, my graduate program, my health plan, endless bills… It’s sustainable. Less, Gaius! Much less,” one Twitter user wrote.

Other women sided with the artist. “Forgive me, but I agree 100% with Caio Castro. It’s not the boyfriend’s duty to pay the bill, huh,” commented another internet user.

Even Deolane Bezerra spoke up and criticized the artist. “If it’s bad for me, imagine for those who think paying for dinner is supporting a wife, it helps,” he wrote.

And the question you don’t want to keep quiet, what about you? Are you in favor of a man having to pay for his wife’s dinner, as it proves chivalry, or do you both have to share the cost?

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