Caixa will start paying Bolsa Familia on the next 20th; check the 2023 calendar

Transfers are made according to the last digit of the Social Identification Number (NIS) of the beneficiaries.

The new edition of the program will have an additional value of R$ 150 for children up to six years old and R$ 50 for each family member between the ages of 7 and 18

On Thursday, the 2nd, the federal government began New Bolsa Familia, the social income transfer program. Minister of Social Development, Wellington Dias(PT), announced that the new version of the initiative will serve about 20 million families and approximately 55 million people. According to Dia, with the adjustments made by the government in recent weeks, 700,000 families that were not covered are now being served. The benefit will be made available by Caixa Econômica Federal according to the last digit of the Social Identification Number (NIS), printed on each cardholder’s card. The dates will also be used for the payment of Gas Assistance, which is made every two months. “For each final NIS figure there is a corresponding monthly date. Payments become available in the sequence from 1 to zero, during the last ten working days of each month. The exception is the month of December, when all payments are made by the 22nd. Monthly installments are available for withdrawal for 120 days after the date marked on the calendar. Beneficiaries can check the payment statement in “Message Auxílio Brasil”, with the value of the benefit”, announced the Ministry of Citizenship. Check out the full calendar below:

Bolsa Familia schedule

Source: Ministry of Citizenship/Reproduction

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