Call of the Sea is free on the Epic Games Store!

The Epic Games Store is giving away free games every week, and this time is no different. The day after Women’s Day, we explore a mysterious island in the South Pacific! Is this production worth our attention and how do players view this title?

Sweepstakes from the Epic Games Store…

The sentence above can be completed in many different ways and each would make sense. From “it’s a marketing strategy” to “it lasts” to “allegedly brings the intended effect”.

Last week the choice fell on the 20th century city management simulator with the title rise of industry.

If you missed this title but are interested, keep an eye out for Amazon Prime Gaming. There have already been situations when Jeff Bezos’ company gave the same productions as Epic. let it be an example Goodbyeavailable to Prime subscribers this month.

Goodbye is one of the free productions that were available on both the Epic Games Store and (a little later) Amazon Prime Gaming

Call of the Sea for free!

As usual, when something ends, something begins – it’s no different with Epic games. rise of industry will no longer be available at 17:00 (so if you don’t want to risk it I recommend you hurry up with the collection of this title), but it will be immediately replaced by a very nice production, viz call of the sea.

As we can see from the description of the game, it’s supposed to be a mystical love story and adventure full of secrets, set in the South Pacific in the 1930s. Is it worth bothering with at all?

Well, according to player reviews on Steam, absolutely! The production received very positive reviews while the latest ones are mostly positive. So it turns out that this not-so-new title (the game premiered in early December 2020) can still be enjoyed.

Will you heed the call of the sea and add this production to your collection at high tide? Or would you rather sail away for a week in search of a different kind of experience?

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