Callisto Protocol director thanks Motive for Dead Space remake

Glen Schofield – director of The Callisto Protocol and co-creator of the original Dead Space – thanked Motiv for keeping the remake of Isaac Clarke’s adventures faithful to the original 2008 release.

Nicole Shofield, the developer’s daughter and an artist at his Striking Distance Studios, was the first to offer congratulations. “A big round of applause to Motive studio for an amazing remake. The creators of the original from the Visceral Games team also deserve a round of applause– she wrote on her Linkedin profile.

Her father answered her post add your thoughts to your statement. “To everyone who worked on the original&lstroke, thank you for your contribution to the creation of the game. Endure&lstrokę time. thank you for this Motive for taking care and maintaining fidelity to the original. My congratulations– writes the director.

Let us remind you that The Callisto Protocol mechanic and climate are very clearly related to dead space – to such an extent that it is mentioned as the “spiritual successor” of cult horror. It is interesting that “Dead Space Remake” debuted only two months after the work of Striking Distance Studios.

Of the two titles, however, this new edition of the classic met ł with better reviews. The PS5 version received a very positive review on Metacritic. rating&egon; 89 points out of 100, while for Callisto Protocol it is only 70 points out of 100.

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