Calviño excludes that the TC’s decision has an “impact on the economy”

Nadia Calviño, First Vice President and Minister of Economy and Digital Transformation, said yes decision of the Constitutional Courtby which it is forced to paralyze the reform of its electoral system, will not have “any economic effect”.

At the end of the meeting of the Council of Ministers, Calviño explained that this event would not take place “without significance” in the business climate or international investments. “These are not decisions that have any impact from the point of view of the economy,” he added.

In his opinion, it is about the “normal functioning of the institutions of a country”, although “it is not normal to use those institutions”, adding that Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has made it clear that he is leaving to guarantee respect for the Constitution and the separation of powers. “base of western democracies”.

The government blames the PP for the crisis

Pedro Sánchez said after the decision of the Constitutional Court to block the debate in the Senate on the norm that included the reform of the appointment of magistrates of that same court. Chief executive officer pointed out as responsible for this institutional crisis The People’s Party for not respecting the will of the people expressed in the elections last November 2019.

Sánchez guaranteed that the Government he sticks to the decision of the conservative bloc, but promised measures to end the “unjustified” blockade. In addition, he called for calming down the situation and guaranteed that the Council of Ministers would advocate for “strict compliance with the law” in order to enforce the constitution.

However, he did not announce what measures he would take, which the spokesperson of the Socialist Club in Congress did not do either. patxi lopez. He did not refer to the procedure followed by his parliamentary group and Unidas Podemos, which included this reform as an addition to the norm whose purpose was to reform the Criminal Code, specifically, the criminal acts of rebellion and embezzlement.

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