Camicado boosts digital strategy with new social selling channels

Sales through social media and WhatsApp already account for 5% of the company’s revenue

Camicado initiated three actions to boost sales through social networks and strengthen the brand’s omnichannel strategy.

The chain expanded Camistars, an initiative that trains and rewards sellers to share product offers on their social networks, and Camilovers, Camicado’s affiliate marketing program. In addition, the company is moving the Digital Managers project to new stores, a sales intelligence platform that allows each organization to create personalized content on social networks in accordance with the reality of each region.

After testing in select stores in March this year, Camistars expanded to 100% of the network in June. In the app, sellers in a brick-and-mortar store post content on their social networks explaining details about the products they’ve selected and generate discount coupons.

Currently, the promotion already corresponds to 7% of all online retail Camicado sales. In addition, the ticket is on average 50% higher than registered in institutions, thanks to the sales support profile.

“Camstars further values ​​the shopping experience through digital channels, creates rapport and connection between the brand and customers, and makes employees the protagonists of this communication with the consumer, which today goes beyond the boundaries of the physical store,” said the company’s director. Kamikado, Nathan Anaff.

On the Digital Manager platform, Camicado seeks to digitize the sales force by taking advantage of social media and WhatsApp. According to the company, the solution enables store teams to create content and prioritize products according to the reality of each region by customizing their own posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Additionally, the tool allows you to georeference ads, focusing only on consumers around that unit. Currently, 10 of the 122 stores are participating in the project, and the goal is to triple membership by 2023.

The introduction of technology is strategic to further drive sales through social media and mainly WhatsApp. In 12 months, orders through the Messaging application increased by 800%, which corresponds to 8% of sales through digital channels. Additionally, WhatsApp represents an average ticket 50% higher than physical retail.

Another sales front driven by Camicado is Camilovers, its affiliate marketing program powered by the SocialSoul platform. Through this, digital influencers select the products they want to promote and promote on their social media profiles and messaging apps. The links generated for sale identify the affiliate, which pays them up to 11% net commission. The action already mobilizes 1100 branches and corresponds to 5% of the sales of the company’s website.

Currently, sales through social networks and WhatsApp correspond to 5% of Camicado’s revenues, which should continue to grow given the new initiatives.

“Whether in our physical stores or through digital channels, our focus is to offer our customers a fluid and seamless multi-channel experience that exceeds their expectations, evoking enchantment,” Anaf concluded.

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