Can I collect Taxi Driver Assistance and Pix Trucker?

In just a few days, the Federal Government will officially begin paying for two of its new welfare programs. In August, there is a forecast for Taxi Driver Help and also the release of Pix Caminhoneiro. The two projects will pay monthly payments of R$1,000 until the end of this year and aim to help workers during high fuel prices.

Although the two programs are similar in many ways, the truth is that they are not the same. This Wednesday (27) the Federal Government published a decision explaining that citizens who receive money from a taxi driver will not be able to accumulate the benefit with the Pix Caminhoneiro balance, so it will be necessary to choose between the two.

Theoretically, nothing prevents the same citizen from being a taxi driver and a truck driver at the same time. However, accumulation will not be allowed from the point of view of social projects. In a decision already published in the Official Gazette (DOU), the Ministry of Labor explains that by allowing the accumulation of the two balances, there will be fewer vacancies for those who can receive only one of the two programs.

Doubt on the subject arises because the same Federal Government allows the accumulation of Auxílio Brasil and the National Gas Voucher. Furthermore, the Ministry of Citizenship only allows exemptions from the national gas voucher program to people who are part of the Auxílio Brasil payroll. However, the permit does not apply to new social projects.

Thus, for this second semester, citizens will be able to accumulate National Gas Voucher and Auxílio Brasil receipts at the same time, but will not be able to combine Pix Caminhoneiro balances with the taxi driver’s allowance. In the coming days, the Federal Government will issue a new order with additional details on the new payments.

The elections

It is important to emphasize that the rules for entering the new Federal Government welfare programs are generally different. For Pix Caminhoneiro, the executive authority will consider the information contained in the National Agency for Land Transport (ANTT).

As for helping taxi drivers, the idea is to gather information from the municipality to determine which taxi drivers will be able to receive the new BRL 1,000 allowance starting this August. In both cases, there will be no need to submit a direct application.

In this regard, it is important to be careful not to click on any link that promises immediate enrollment in new government assistance. As much as the moment calls for haste for many, the ideal is to wait for the next signs from the Ministry of Labor.

PEC help

Both the taxi driver assistance and the Benefits PEC are projects approved and published by the National Congress earlier this month. Since it is a declaration, the sanction of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) is no longer necessary.

In this way, new social projects are already approved. The federal government says transfers from Pix Caminhoneiro begin on August 9. Taxi assistance will start a little later, on the 16th.

In addition to the creation of new social projects, the Benefits PEC also envisages increasing the value of existing projects. Auxílio Brasil, for example, from R$400 to R$600, and a national gas voucher goes from R$53 to R$120.

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