Can I play with friends? ❤️ 2022

This is a game that was created to precisely spend time with friends and family, where you can have a good time with them through the online connection that this title offers.

Since it takes place between us with several players at the same time with a maximum of 13 players, it is a good alternative to get together with friends and enjoy it.

Between Us has all the features that make it easy for you to play the game with your friends because although it is present on different platforms like Android, iOS and PC mobiles, all these can be found in the game as it is. compatible with crossplay.

Private rooms between us

In addition to crossplay, the game has the ability to create private rooms, so no one but your friends can enter the game you create and configure.

Well, these can only be entered using a unique invite code to give you, as the name suggests, privacy while playing the game with family and friends.

Between us: can I play with friends?

A local game between us

Finally, the local play option allows you to connect through the same network, so you are in the same room with your friends, this is an option very similar to the previous one, but without the need to create rooms or invite each friend with a code, because here everything automatically enters the game .

Between us: can I play with friends?

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