Can parachutes still be used in blocks? Check what the law says about garbage channels and their disposal rules

Nowadays, landfills in residential buildings are often liquidated. But you should know that the law does not prohibit their use, even despite the introduction of the obligation to separate waste. We explain what the regulations say about the liquidation of sheds in residential buildings and the change of use of rooms after the sheds.


The once popular gutters in residential buildings, i.e. pipes running through the entire height of the building for throwing garbage, are today evaluated differently – for some it is a convenience, for others a source of unpleasant odors and insects. In recent years, many cooperatives and communities have started to abolish descents due to the introduction of waste separation. However, it is worth knowing Polish law does not prohibit the use of parachutes. According to current regulations, canals can still be used to dispose of mixed waste.

It must be kept in mind that waste, except for mixed waste, must not go down the drainsuch as plastic bottles, paper or glass. Residents of apartment blocks with yachts are subject to the same garbage sorting rules as everyone else – waste should be disposed of in designated containers. People who do not separate their garbage may be charged a higher garbage collection price.

Although the law does not require the removal of downspouts, a cooperative or community may choose to do so. All it takes is a decision. However, it should be remembered that in the case of residential communities parachute liquidation is an activity that goes beyond normal managementand must be approved by the property owner.

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