Can you eat eggshells? Grind them into a multipurpose powder that will feed the plants and make your coffee less bitter

Eggs, or their shells, are another product that most often ends up in the trash can, but it can be used. As it turns out, there are many ideas for reusing eggshells. Some of them you’ve probably already heard of and even use regularly, some will completely surprise you. Apart from the fact that eggshells can be food for chickens and natural fertilizer for plants, they are also a way to make coffee less bitter, and added to the drink enrich it with lime. How else can a shell be used?

Eggshells are not useless packaging for what is inside and which many enjoy. Soft boiled, hard boiled, fried, Turkish, as an addition to baking – there are many ways to use this product. What does the shell look like?

Eggshell is first of all an excellent source of calcium! It also contains iron, zinc and even silicon, sulfur and fluorine. It can alleviate rheumatic pains, support the reconstruction of joint cartilage and aid weight loss. These are very important properties, but the shells can be used not only as a food ingredient, because they have many more uses.

Food for chickens
Let’s start with things that are well known, especially to people who keep chickens on their own farm. The husks can simply be thrown to the chickens to eat. They will peck at it and enjoy such a treat, which is a natural calcium supplement for them. It will make the eggs laid by the hens even healthier and tastier.

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