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Carl Williams wins in debut Decision over Lukas Bresski

Karl Williams and Lukasz Brzeski UFC Las Vegas Weigh-In Credit: Youtube/UFC

Series debut heavyweight Carl Williams paired up with Lukasz Brzeski at UFC Las Vegas on Saturday.

Brzeski himself was Dana White’s Rival Series The alum dropped his UFC debut having lost a decision to part ways with Martin Buday last year.

Williams was in the driver’s seat for three rounds on Saturday.

When the battle begins Williams throws in some serious ingredients. Nothing bothered Brzeski, but shortly after Williams was removed, it didn’t take long, though. Brzeski immediately bounced back. Williams continued to score a short takedown, but Brzeski used the cage to get back on his feet. Brzeski had to take another hold, defending and ending the round at a distance.

In the second round, Williams went out with a dramatic right and left. He landed about four punches in the neck, knocking Brzeski down. Brzeski was getting up and Williams grabbed him by the waist and slammed him to the mat. Williams was actively landing on the ground and pounding, but Brzeski made good moves and eventually got back on his feet. Williams had his hands on his knees visibly tired. Still, he worked his way through it and went in with a takedown. Brzeski went back up and back down and back up. Brzeski finished the lap first as Williams slipped. back after missed head kick

In the final, Brzeski needed a finish. And because of that, he pushed forward and threw himself. However, he was too aggressive. and Williams tied him up and was arrested. Williams did well in one-legged splits and swept the planted leg. from that arrest Williams delivered several short punches, which were very messy. It was the top position Karl Williams had as Brzeski couldn’t get to his feet.

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Carl Williams defeats Lukasz Brzeski via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-27).

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