Carlos Slim expands his participation in Realia and exceeds 75% of its capital

Mexican tycoon Charles Slimowner of a construction company FCC, has increased its controlling stake in the real estate development company royalin which he already concentrated some of FCC’s real estate a year ago, up to now more than 75% of the capital. According to the records of National Securities Market Commission (CNMV)Slim’s company, Control Empresarial de Capitales (CEC), has acquired in recent months approx 15 million additional shares from Realia.

At current market prices, these shares would be valued at 14.4 million euros. In total, now owns 616 million shares of Realija, which represents around EUR 604 million, 75.1% of the capital. Other significant shareholders of the Promoter are an investment fund Polygon Europeanunder control Eugene Griffith, which has 15% of the shares; Y Blackwell Partners, which has another 5% of the capital. In October of last year, Slim already implemented an important organizational change in the entire real estate perimeter of FCC, when this company acquired an additional direct stake of 13%. Of the 75% that Slim currently owns in Realija, 52% is direct FCC control.

This operation, along with the establishment of the FCC Inmobiliaria branch at 100% of the share capital of Jezzine Uno – the Carlos Slim company, which has 406 branch offices leased from CaixaBank in its portfolio, allowed the FCC group group the entire real estate business and leverage all those assets in a unique way. At that time, Realija’s assets had a value of 1.935 million euros and FCC real estate of 450 million euros. Added to this is the valuation of the subsidiaries of EUR 500 million CaixaBankgathered in the company of Jezzine Uno.

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