Cartoon Network is going through big changes! Warner Bros. introduces new order

It cannot be denied that Cartoon Network is the source of beautiful childhood memories for the majority of today’s adults around the world. It turns out that the studio will soon undergo a major restructuring. All of this is the result of the high-profile merger of Discovery with Warner Bros.

Will Cartoon Network as we know it cease to exist? Not quite!

One of the entertainment industry’s most famous mergers this year is certainly the one it did Discovery and Warner Bros. Both companies have completed a huge venture April 8create a brand new business – Warner Bros. Discovery. The newcomer to the market is packed with popular studios, TV channels and animation studios. One of such devices is Cartoon Network Studioswhich specializes in creating animations for children and teenagers. The cult band has released such iconic cartoons as Dexter’s Lab, Johnny Bravo, Ed, Edd and Eddy, The Powerpuff Girls, Codename: Clan in the Tree, Ben 10 whose Samurai Jack.

It has just emerged that the restructuring decided by Warner Bros. Discovery will also touch the cult studio! The company wants to merge Cartoon Network Studios with Warner Bros. Animation in one company. Meanwhile, another popular study – Hanna-Barbera Europe remains a separate entity. The result of the first reshuffles in the structures of a powerful company was the dismissal of 82 employees (including those from the animation department). This is where the central question arises – Will the cartoon network as we know it cease to exist?

At first glance, however, the answer is not so obvious according to service reports Polygon merger of Warner Bros. Animation from Cartoon Network will in no way affect both companies’ current productions and their development plans. From a technical point of view, both companies will remain separate brands despite consolidation. The main reason why Warner Bros. Discovery, on the other hand, has made such a move decline in interest in the Catoon Network channel. In 2021, the station recorded a drop in the number of viewers by several percent.

Source: Polygon

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