Catho faz campanha sobre indicações no mercado de trabalhoEnglish 

Catho campaigns on nominations in the labor market

Arpejo Comunicação, an advertising agency from Campinas, produced together with Cathoo, a technology marketplace that connects candidates and companies, the “Indica” campaign, which aims to address a very important topic in the labor market: job referrals.

Nomination has always played a fundamental role in the labor market for new employment, and lately it has started to be reflected in the actions of those who are employed. This is because after winning the long-awaited placement, the candidate refers other people to the company that presented him with the opportunity.

Singer Negra Li and Cath’s partnership began in the previous “Breathe and Know” campaign, where the focus was on humanizing the relationship between Cath and job seekers. The idea to stay with her in this new campaign came from the “pairing” that the artist has with the candidates, since along with all the representation she also has a history of achievements through her work.

According to Felipe Pinheiro, creative director of the Catho campaign with Arpeia:

“The cool thing about this creative line was taking offline behavior, an indication that’s already happening, and rebranding it in the online universe where the brand operates. This reinforces the trust and credibility that Catho is gaining with its technology features that help candidates find a new opportunity.”

For Fernanda Araújo, Senior Marketing Manager at Cath, this new phase of the campaign underscores the trust candidates and recruiters have in the platform. According to the executive:

“Nomination has always been and is still widely used in the labor market, after all, even if you get a job, you always know someone who is looking for an opportunity, and this campaign comes to confirm how much Catho is on the side of professionals in all stages of the selection process.

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