CAU PA competition. the announcement offers 44 vacancies at middle and high levels; salaries up to 7.4 thousand

Oh RA Council of Architecture and Urban Development For (CAU – PA) From March 13, it will accept public tender applications for the recruitment of administrative and inspection technician and architect and town planner.

Salaries offered by CAU – PA vary BRL 2,533.67 It BRL 7,496.16 monthly.

Oh Quadrix Institute is responsible for the organization of the public tender.

Vacancies and Salaries CAU – PA

The Architecture and Urban Planning Council of Pará (CAU – PA) proposes through a public tender: two vacancies to fill immediately and 42: vacancies for the formation of the reserve register.

Opportunities are open to candidates with level Medium/Technical It is higherdistributed between the following positions:

intermediate/technical level

  • Administrative and Inspection Technician – 1 Vacancy plus 21 CR.

Suggested salary for a mid-level/technical position BRL 2,533.67 for a 30-hour work week.

A higher level

  • Architect and Political Scientist – 1 Vacancy plus 21 CR.

As for the top tier position, it is BRL 7,496.16 for a 30-hour work week.

To run for one of the vacant positions, a candidate must prove the minimum schooling required for the position, in addition to being over 18 years of age, Brazilian and electoral and military justice (for male candidates).

Registration CAU – PA

Those interested in participating in the CAU – PA Public Competition must register within days March 13, 2023 It April 13, 2023 directly through the Quadrix website.

The cost of the registration fee ranges from R$ 50.00 to R$ 90.00 depending on the position sought by the candidate.

Position Designations CAU – PA

Check out the key features by candidate area below:

Administrative and inspection technician

  • Carry out CAU/PA administrative activities across all organizational units, providing support to sectors, staff, executive, board and external community as needed;
  • Prepare correspondence, opinions, reports, official letters, and other CAU/PA-related documents, and organize and maintain a file of these documents, adhering to predetermined standards of spelling, form, and style in accordance with the administrative manual. CAU/BR acts; among others.

Architect and political scientist

  • Compile and update records of individuals and legal entities in compliance with relevant regulations;
  • Analyze technical responsibility records and other related procedures in addition to analyzing certificates of compliance with relevant regulations;
  • Provide technical information to professionals and the public through appropriate means of communication in each situation.

CAU – PA competition stages

CAU – PA public competition will have the following stages:

  • objective evidence for all posts of elimination and classification nature.
  • speech test elimination and qualifying nature only for higher level post.

About objective evidence

  • Basic knowledge: 40 questions
  • Additional knowledge: 30 questions
  • Special knowledge: 50 questions.

The objective test will consist of 120 true-or-false items worth 120.00 points and will assess the candidate’s skills and knowledge according to the scoring system set out in sub-clause 12.5 of the public notice.

There will be two marking fields for each item in the objective test answer sheet: the field marked C, to be filled by the candidate if he/she marks a CERTAIN item, and the field marked as follows: Letter E to be filled in by the candidate if he scores the item incorrectly.

A candidate must mark one and only one of the two fields in the objective test answer sheet to get marks for the subject.

Objective test items will be able to assess skills related to the application of knowledge, covering comprehension, analysis, synthesis and evaluation, assessing reasoning and including situations related to the assignments and assessment objects contained in the Public Annex III. notification. Each objective test item may cover more than one skill and more than one knowledge related to the relevant knowledge area.

The application of the objective test is scheduled for May 28, 2023.

Click here to read the notification in full and check detailed information such as complete schedule, program of tests and responsibilities of each post.

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