Cayetano Rivera and Eva Gonzalez, a new meeting between kisses and hugs

After your loving meeting in the last twenty years of December, Eva Gonzalez and Cayetano Rivera if inn comes back to meet again. What seemed iban as the first Christmas separately did not happen. The reason? The love you have for your son Cayetano, who will be five years old in March. As published ¡HOLA! In previous issues, the ex-partner gathered a few days before the New Year to attend the Christmas party celebrated at her son’s school; first and affectionate gatheringwhich raised doubts about a possible approach.

Between kisses and hugs, he July 5, Eva Gonzalez and Cayetano, accompanied by the little one, helped in the cabalgata de los Reyes Magos, in the Seville city of Mayrena del Alcor, in the village of the leader. The torero and the presenter gave each other two kisses to greet each other, in a very calm and cordial environment, where gentle gestures were constant between the two, allowing all present good relationship that there is between them.

HO4094 Close-up of Eva Gonzalez and Cayetano Rivera© AGENCIES
Eva Gonzalez and Cayetano Rivera walk around the Seville town of Mayrena del Alcor.

Undoubtedly, a new test that shows that there is a great relationship between the ex-partner, despite the fact that separation, and even this gathering gave rise to suspicions that after some time they may “reconnect to connect” as a couple, as we published in the pages of our magazine. Son unas imágenes en las que tan solo el tiempo will tell what happens between them. What we have clearly is that his attitude is like that of the priests who adore his son and seek to find him cordiality so that he grows up in an environment of absolute normality, always striving for his well-being.

After enjoying the ride, they marched together in the company of a few friends, and would not see them again until the following afternoon. On the other hand, Cayetano Rivera took advantage of the Christmas parties to see his brother Kiko Rivera. On the day of Reyes, Cayetano and Kiko Rivera, gifts were distributed among their families. However, he grand absent That quote was Francisco Rivera, who has not been on good terms with Isabel Pantoja’s son since last spring.

HO4094 Close-up of Eva Gonzalez and Cayetano Rivera© AGENCIES
The former couple greeted each other between kisses and hugs, showing that they are on very good terms after ending their marriage.

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