Cearense rescues vulnerable elderly people and gives them a loving home

45-year-old Francisca Flavia Ferreira from Ceara has a very noble mission. He rescues and cares for elderly people who have lived in vulnerable situations. Flavia took many of them off the streets who were sick, starving, without self-esteem or perspective.

The caretaker rented a house a year ago and named the place by a very appropriate name, “Lar Cuidar Mais”. Flávia also takes care to guarantee medical care, psychological supervision, healthy food with great love and affection.

Rescues are carried out on the streets of Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará, and today Flavia supports the elderly only through donations. “It’s one thing after another, but I didn’t give up because my mission is bigger,” Flavia said. only good news.

Help has become a mission

Flavia says the idea to start the project came after she needed to help an elderly man who was homeless and needed a place to live.

“With the value and state it received [de saúde] where he was, there was no house to accept him,” the caretaker recalls.

Flavia remembers that the situation at that time made her very emotional. “It was an old man who lived alone, he was beaten and robbed.”

The episode took place almost 2 years ago, exactly when the house, located in Fortaleza (CE) in the Canindezinio district, was operating.

He accepted the case and asked his friends for help because he felt he had to do something for these people.

“I opened the house with great difficulty. He asked each other for help. He wanted a bed, a mattress, a pan,” he recalls.

Welcoming homeless seniors

In addition to reaching the elderly there on her own, Flavia has also taken some of those living in vulnerable situations off the streets.

The first to come home was Seu Genivaldo, who had been living on the streets of Fortaleza for more than 10 years.

“He was living in an extremely severe state of abandonment. Today he is at home and you see his improvement is very clear. He is a well-cared-for elderly man,” says Flavia.

The second was Seu Teofilo, who arrived with skin cancer. The old man had a wound on his skin, and since he could not afford a bandage, he covered the area with plant leaves.

“He is a completely needy old man. You look into his small eyes and see a lack of love. This is very rewarding. His return is so beautiful. He is even grateful for a glass of water,” says an excited Flavia.

Seu Jurandir was the third homeless elderly person taken in by Flavia. According to the guardian, it was in a more serious condition.

He does not walk, has poor vision and has had several problems due to vulnerability. Now Jurandir has a home, food and lots of love in his new home.

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“won’t give up”

Flávia currently cares for 34 elderly people, including those who arrived at the place because they wanted a home with more love and care. Some help maintain the house with the little money they earn.

The house is rented by the caretaker for R$ 2000 per month, the rent is voluntarily paid by some elderly people who receive a pension of only 1 minimum wage, in addition to the donations Flávia receives.

For food, Flavia relies on community solidarity and the support of some groups, such as Cristina Silva, who runs the Semeando Amor project. “The elderly need a lot of love and attention, they are very special,” Christina said.

Any help is appreciated for Flávia. Embarrassed, she admits that she is experiencing some difficulties in maintaining the house, but assures that there is no shortage of food or health for the elderly.

“I will do as I can. I ask one and the other, I get help, but I promised that they [os idosos]he will never go out on the street,” he said.

Oh only good news believes in love, noble missions and, above all, Brazilian solidarity. So, let’s change the reality of this grandfather and grandmother of Lar Cuidar Mais a little, shall we?

Donate to PIX atendimento-mais@sovaquinhaboa.com.br or by credit card and payment slip through the campaign link by clicking here.

With only R$ 1 we managed to change this story a little.

It’s worth remembering that all help is important. Also share with friends and family. Let’s change the ending of this story and bring more hope to these elderly people who have already suffered so much.

Flávia and some of the residents of the Cuidar Mais house. – Photo: personal archive

The elderly during physiotherapy.  - Photo: personal archive

The elderly during physiotherapy. – Photo: personal archive

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