Cem stores confirm the expansion trajectory and project investments in 2023

Superintendent José Domingos Alves analyzed the economic recovery in the face of the pandemic and highlighted the opening of branch number 301, in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro

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Loja Cem gave an exclusive interview to Jovem Pan about the brand’s expansion plans

IN One Hundred Stores consolidated growth in Brazilian retail sales in 2022. In an interview with News of New Pan, supervisor José Domingos Alves analyzed the economic recovery in the face of the pandemic: “We have the privilege of being considered the best company in Brazilian retail. We are the third largest billing. There are two that earn more than us, but if you look at the bottom line and the balance sheet of the companies, that’s what keeps a company going. Although someone says that the center of the company is cash, of course cash is important, but cash is made with profit and not with money borrowed from the bank. If you take the final result and the balance of the first two revenues of the country and take ours, the sum of the two will be very far from our result. If you take the fourth and the fifth and put the four together, it’s not going to give the result that we have in terms of our financial results and our profit, to put it bluntly.”

“This is management. The country has been going through difficulties in the last three years and we had a pandemic that brought a series of consequences. And we’ll end this year with close to double-digit growth and a healthy $6.3 billion in revenue,” he added. The supervisor also noted the maintenance of investments in 2023 and noted the opening of branch number 301, in Before youIN Rio de Janeiro: “We will end the year with more than 300 stores and next year we will continue to invest and open about 10 to 12 stores. This is how we have always done it, believing and working, regardless of what happens to our economy”. Lojas Cem celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2022, within a trajectory that began in a small bicycle workshop in Salto, in the interior of São Paulo, to become one of the largest Brazilian retail chains.

*With information from reporter Marcelo Mattos

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