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Chaotic Scramblefest Sees Nikita Krylov Sub Ryan Spann With Triangle Choke

Nikita Krylov and Ryan Spann UFC Las Vegas Weigh-In Credit: Youtube/UFC

Nikita Krylov and Ryan Spann intended to compete in the main event at UFC Vegas 70 at UFC Apex in February 2022, but at the last minute Krylov fell ill and the bout was cancelled.

when healed The rescheduling for the UFC Las Vegas card is March 11 at the 215-pound catchweight due to the second weight loss in a short period of time. The chaos and finishing potential that both the top 15 light-heavyweights brought to the Octagon was well known to boxing fans when the pair clashed Saturday in Las Vegas. S

The battle finally arrived. Two big men came out swinging Spann with his fists and Krylov with his kicks. They lunge at each other at absurd distances, and Krylov appears to hurt Spann, who lunges into a hug.

An early scramble ended with Spann at the top, but Nikita tried to come up with one leg. Ryan Spann tried to lock in his patented guillotine. His head struggled to pop out as it turned red. Finally after almost a minute Spann tried to get up, but Krylov locked himself behind him. He tried to creatively kick Spann from behind him. Krylov worked to get Spann to the mat, but Spann came up with one leg. Although he encounters a guillotine from Krylov, Krylov rolls over the top, but Spann frees himself. Spann gets stuck in the turtle with Nikita on his back.

The pace was absurdly high, and the brawl was reminiscent of a slower flyweight fight. Spann’s speed began to slow down. But when Krelov grabbed his back Spann was on top, but Krylov immediately locked the triangle with his legs and Spann knocked after just a few seconds.

The rhythm of the battle was frantic. But it proved too much for Ryan Spann, who trailed in the brawl and ended up in the triangle in the transition. And with a 6th place already in his own right, ‘The Miner’ is likely to find himself in the top 5 on Tuesday and has a chance to eliminate the champion in the near future.

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Nikita Krylov def. Ryan Spann by submission (triangle choke), Round 1, 3:38.

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