Chargers will disappear from the packaging of subsequent products. That’s not funny

The conference at which Apple announced the withdrawal of chargers from iPhone boxes resonated widely in the technology industry. The first manufacturer decided to take such a bold step and removed one of the most important accessories from the smartphone package. Why did chargers meet this fate? Supposedly because we all have enough of them and don’t need more. Such a step, at least in theory, should have been guided by the noble idea of ​​caring for the natural environment. We limit the production of unnecessary electronics, thereby degrading nature less. Smaller packaging also means lower delivery costs, which means more profit. It’s just mainly for manufacturers.

Are chargers not included in the smartphone package? Initially, the move was mocked by the biggest competition. Well, at one time Apple’s main rival advertised that everything was in its place in the packaging of its smartphones. Just a few months later, he decided to take the same step. Has the need for environmental care awakened in another company? Or maybe it turns out that Apple is able to make real money from it? Lower production and delivery costs for the same product price simply must translate into higher profits. Decisions like these made what was expected to be an ignominious failure the norm.

Initially, the trend was to remove chargers from electronics packaging only for smartphones. Apple and Samsung were joined by other manufacturers who also liked the idea. Unfortunately, it’s not all about smartphones. OF over time, chargers began to be missing in completely different devices. who? I bought a few myself and to be honest I wasn’t happy at all. Here are selected examples where I think taking the charger out of the box was not a good idea at all. After all, we’re talking about devices that someone who doesn’t use a smartphone could buy.

Chargers – we used to have them in bundles

Chargers disappear immediately. You will notice this when you buy a toothbrush

The first product that disappointed me was the sonic brush. A few years ago I decided to buy a pair of toothbrushes from their leading manufacturer. Inside the package, in addition to two brushes, I also found two chargers – stationary and travel. Of course, both are equipped with cables that can be plugged directly into the socket.

I was deeply convinced that this was now the market standard. Only one of them refused obedience and it was necessary to decide on a new model. And then what? I also ordered it from the same manufacturer, but the contents of the package were completely different. Searched in vain for a complete charger. There was only a small travel charger with a USB plug.

What if I wasn’t using a smartphone and didn’t have this type of charger? Or was he just using a wireless connection? I would have to buy a charger specifically for that stupid toothbrush. I really have no idea what is going on here and why the USB charger had to replace the plug? Toothbrushes are charged in the bathroom, where there is always a socket. Hard to find USB there. That is, unless we decide to put one of our supposedly unnecessary chargers in this room. Until we find one.

Gradually, they began to disappear from the packaging of more and more equipment

Christmas lights without a source? Who needs chargers?

For the purposes of this material, I recognized the topic in the segment of electric toothbrushes. Naturally, it turned out that mains chargers are disappearing en masse and USB cables are appearing in their place. What if we don’t have a charger with us? So we have a problem. Fortunately, some toothbrushes can be charged wirelessly. All you need is a wireless desktop charger or reverse charging available in many smartphones. Unfortunately, mine is not like that.

A brush is usually a mobile thing that we should always have with us, and therefore I hardly understand why the manufacturers decided to take such a step. If only such a brush could be charged with an ordinary USB cableand not the one reserved with the appropriate base on the other hand, it would be even better.

However, I cannot understand what motivated a person to decide to take the power supplies out of the packaging of some Christmas light kits. I was really surprised that I couldn’t find a source in the light curtain box that the wife decided to order for Christmas. As with the toothbrush, the hanger could only be connected via a USB cable. Here again the question arises about the meaning of such an operation. Whoever buys Christmas lights does not need to have a smartphone and the right charger. What should he do then?

Anyway, even if it already has this charger, that’s it he doesn’t have to choose between turning on the lights or charging his smartphone at any given moment. Ecology is, of course, ecology, but nothing to force.

A once-obvious element of electronics packaging is becoming less and less visible today

A dog razor? Well, that’s an exaggeration

This is really far-fetched, but I could still understand the ecology argument in the two cases above. Less plastic, less emissions, smaller boxes and so on. However, I have absolutely no idea why a manufacturer of… dog shavers would take the same step.

A few months ago, we decided to give up the services of a dog groomer and take care of the hair of our four-legged household ourselves. For this purpose, of course, it was necessary to purchase a cutting machine. A quick overview of the offer, the order is paid for and can be removed from the parcel box. Open the box. Machine? Yippee. the end? In its place. documents? There must be some. Charger? Where’s the power?!

That’s right, the stupid dog razor was missing a charger. I can’t quite get it, especially since the pack size argument was dropped in the preruns. There was enough space inside to fit at least five power supplies.

Again, I will return to the fact that not every dog ​​walker needs to have a smartphone and a charger with a USB cable input. This example clearly shows that in some cases it is not about ecology at all, but only about the desire to maximize profit. Let’s assume that such a basic charger costs a few zlotys wholesale. Put it in a box for a few crowns extra. Not much, but on the other hand, it is better to keep this money as a company’s profit than to give it to the customer along with a useful accessory.

Chargers don’t have to disappear anywhere!

Not everything can be justified by ecology

The examples described above that I have encountered over the past year have given me a sense of satisfaction. In any case, I am not indifferent to the problem of endangering the natural environment. On the contrary, I try to live every day in such a way that I leave behind as little pollution and unnecessary things as possible, and I try to give a second life to what can be reused.

Chargers are something we use every day. Yes, sometimes we have quite a few. The problem is that this state of affairs may soon change dramatically. Since there will be no more chargers for electronic devices, where do you get them? Let’s assume that the ones we are currently using will wear out over time or simply be destroyed. And then what? In the current situation, we would exchange them for others that came with the purchase. However, since there are none, we have to go to the store and buy at least one, or preferably several chargers. Now what?

And now the whole ecological argument turns out to be completely beside the point. Instead of one box – two boxes. Separately for the device, separately for the hardware. A new packaging also means a new plastic insert or new documentation, and none of this is neutral for the environment. For this reason, I have to address a few bitter words to the producers at this point. Of course, I can’t do anything myself, but if there are more such voices, maybe something can be changed.

Removing chargers from the packaging of everything under the pretext of ecology is not appropriate in every case. Not every device is a high-end smartphone that we can also charge wirelessly if necessary. There is a need to find moderation and balance in everything. Ecology is really very important, so it is necessary to take care of it as much as possible. Right way.

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