Cheaper Netflix with Ads in Poland in a few months

When will Netflix launch a cheaper ad-supported plan in Poland? It turns out there’s still a long way to go. However, there is hope that we will use it in 2023.

Netflix has recently revolutionized the way its platform works. The service has added a cheaper plan with ads to its portfolio, allowing us to access our favorite productions for less money.

This solution has already been implemented in several countries in autumn 2022. It appeared in the United States, Japan, South Korea, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and France, among others.

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We pay a few euros/dollars less to access the advertising platform than for the basic platform. Because of the price, this option can therefore convince many who have not yet used Netflix.

According to the report by Ampere Analysis in the US, the new solution helped 58% increase in average daily number of registrations on Netflix November 3-5, 2022.

When will Netflix start showing ads in Poland?

What about the plan with ads in Poland? Although many Poles are skeptical about such a solution, it turns out that many are ready to use it on the Vistula.

Hopes of the ad-supported plan rolling out soon were raised by Netflix opening in September 2022 own office in Warsaw – many hoped that the task of part of the industry would be to attract advertisers to a cheaper package. However, this has not yet happened.


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If you want to take advantage of the cheap plan, you have to be patient. As reported by the portal, the service may appear only in Poland end of 2023and maybe even later. The success in countries where the cheaper Netflix is ​​already available gives at least hope that such a solution will soon be available globally.

With the ad-supported package being $3 cheaper than the basic plan, it was able to attract more budget-conscious Netflix subscribers who opted out early. Additionally, as the competition increases, the low price of $6.99 makes the subscription to multiple services more affordable

– explains Mayssa Jamil from Ampere Analysis.

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