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Check out the headlines in Brazil’s top newspapers this Friday


Check out the headlines from Brazil’s main newspapers this Friday (10) below:

S. State of Paulo

The number of non-payers is a record and reaches 70 million

The default list total is the highest in Serasa’s history

The globe

TCU subpoenas Bolsonaro to testify and bans him from wearing or selling jewelry

The former president will answer about unpaid taxes and revenue pressures

Folha de S. Paulo

TCU minister bans Bolsonaro from wearing or selling jewellery

The former president keeps the case of Saudi gifts. personal collection includes knives, hats and soccer jerseys

Brazilian Post

The House approved the pension of female orphans

Families of women killed on gender grounds should receive assistance from the federal government to support children under 18 and dependents.

Economic value

Retailers are tightening the rules for traders at markets

The changes include increased requirements and controls, reduced freight subsidies, and increased sales commissions.

The time

A Brazilian eats salty snacks to save on food

Out goes rice, beans and meat, in comes koxinian, kibbeh and pastel, cheaper but less nutritious options

State of Minas

More tolls

The companies will have 16 squares on more than a thousand kilometers of roads. the program is considered a priority by the state

People’s mail

La Niña ends after three years

Active since 2020, the system has had a major impact on the state, such as a succession of droughts and extreme cold events in southern Brazil.

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