Chevrolet sponsors the WME Awards, the first Brazilian award to recognize women in music

This Wednesday (21st), Audio hosted the 6th edition of Brazil’s first awards dedicated exclusively to women in the music industry, the WME Awards, promoted by Music2! + Mynd8. With the goal of harnessing women’s voices and reinforcing the message that women can drive whatever they want, Chevrolet was the official sponsor of the event that opens the space for women’s empowerment in action created by Commonwealth//WMcCann, a division of WMcCann for exclusive service to Chevrolet.

During the meeting that brought together the stars and artists of the new music scene, paying tribute to names such as Margareth Menezes and Elza Soares, the brand was present with the Chevrolet Tracker exhibition, and the GM marketing executive also participated. of Latin America, Chris Rego, who will be one of the presenters in the “Best Music Video Director” category offered by the brand with the hashtag #they digi🇧🇷 Chris comments:

“It is an honor for me, as a woman; for GM, as a company that wants to be the most inclusive in the world; and for the Chevrolet brand, which has been building a strong relationship with the female audience, to be able to contribute to this ecosystem of recognition of female voices that is the WME Awards. We are very happy to be a part of this story, proving that women can revolutionize markets, be it cars, music or any other market we want to be in.”

During the event, Chris Rego also spoke about how the Chevrolet Tracker campaign is changing the car market by bringing a discourse focused on women’s empowerment, inviting the public to discuss the roles of women. Recently, the brand has backed up talk with action “Take the lead”, which shows women in charge of their professions. MC Soffia and Marina Sena have also been invited by the brand to star in the digital campaign “Our walk” which emphasizes that women’s autonomy is only possible when they take the lead.

Chevrolet’s presence at the WME Awards reinforces the brand’s positioning focused on diversity, inclusion and women’s empowerment, by occupying relevant spaces and participating in conversations in different spheres to reach different audiences and convey important messages and discussions to society.

Check out the Chevrolet action videos:

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Check out this post on Instagram

A post shared by Chevrolet (@chevroletbr)

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