Chico Anysio’s son revolts after comedian claims his father used drugs: ‘Defamation’

Nizo Neto wants Rey Biannchi to publicly step down or he will sue him; the artist stated that it was not his intention to ‘dishonor the memory of the master’ of humour

Playback/Instagram/netonizeNizo Neto
Nizo Neto made a video criticizing Rey Biannchi’s lines

actor Nizo Netocomedian’s son Chico Anysiorequires a public portrayal of the comedian as well Rey Bianchi after he claimed on a podcast that his father was a drug user. “He was snoring right in the middle. Every day the boy snored, he had money at the top of TV, ‘Chico Total’, ‘Baiano e os Novos Caetanos'”, said Rey in the podcast “Ticaracaticast”. The comedian also stated that Chico, who died in 2012, had cartilage in his nose worn away from frequent drug use. In a video posted on Instagram, Nizo exposed the rejection of the artist’s statements. “I would like to kindly request that your Rey Biannchi be publicly retracted on social media for the slander he spoke about my father on a podcast, who is not here to defend himself. So Mr. Rey, kindly back off so we can avoid legal action because if you don’t, I will sue you for defamation, moral damages and slander.” In the caption of the publication, Nizo described Rey’s attitude as “disrespectful , bad character and ingratitude”.

The topic resonated on social networks and the comedian denied that his intention was to tarnish Chiko’s image. On Instagram, he posted a video where he is appreciated by Nizo’s father and in the caption he declared: “I have one of the greatest honors of my life! I can do shows with master Chico Anysio and have a video of him saying he’s been my fan for a long time.” The artist added that the commander of “Escolinha do Professor Raimundo” was generous with him on other occasions as well. “He also praised me in the dressing room, saying that I won after giving up all drugs. In that time, I had helped more than a thousand people get off drugs and mentored many! I would never speak or act to dishonor the memory of God! I am very honored to have this recognition and to have worked with the master! Unfortunately, people like to invent and create controversies and lies, distorting facts. God bless us all and may God see Master Chico Anysio in a superior dimension of light. God’s light never goes out.”

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