China is celebrating its 25th anniversary of the resumption of Hong KongEnglish 

China is celebrating its 25th anniversary of the resumption of Hong Kong

He shows his vision for the election of former Hong Kong security chief John Lee as a replacement for Kerry Lam.

Igor Gielov
Sao Paulo – SP:

This Friday (1st) China marks the 25th anniversary of the resumption of control over Hong Kong. More importantly, it refers to the two years when it imposed its hypothesis on what the territory, which was recaptured from the British after a century and a half of colonial rule, should look like.

It has been doing so in style, under the first direction of leader Xi Jinping outside the mainland of the communist dictatorship since the onset of the 2020 Covid-19 epidemic. Immediately after arriving at the high-speed railway station from Shenzhen, Xinjiang spoke quickly and said: in tone.

“After the storms, Hong Kong rose from the ashes and came out energetically. “The facts show that the principle of ‘one country, two systems’ is full of viability,” the leader said.

For some, it’s a rational summary, for others it’s cynical, everything that happened after Xin was last there in 2017. The so-called “storms”, the political upheavals of 2019, when thousands of people took to the streets with protests, which ended in St. Democratic guarantees of violence, Hong Kong changed forever.

“I miss my land. I hope to return one day. “But you can not negotiate with Beijing, because this is a totalitarian regime that can not give people freedom,” said Stanley Ho, 37. “It is even more important that the regime still hates what happened in 2019.”

He was a local councilor of the moderate party, was elected in the key elections of November 2019, which marked the death of pro-democracy movements in the area, which won a significant victory, signaling the path of resistance within the system. The man, who was brutally attacked by Chinese nationalists that year, told the report at the time that he believed Hong Kong would gradually take on a different face.


He won, but not what he wanted. In August 2020, a month after Beijing enacted a strict National Security Act, all Chinese opposition politicians resigned in the area. “I left Hong Kong a year later. “The message we got was that we would be in big trouble, arrested or killed if we insisted on doing what we were doing in the past,” said one who lives in Cardiff, UK.

The pressure from Beijing և Hong Kong’s economic elite, perceived as unacceptable destabilization, practically ended in killing the system that Xi praised this Thursday as it was imagined.

As protests erupted at various times calling for independence, there were fears that it would serve as an example for other regions, including Taiwan, an island China seeks to absorb, which the West sees as potential Ukraine.

An agreement reached between the British and Chinese in 1984 provided that the area would be returned in 1997. Fifty years will pass since then under “one country” (China) և “two systems” (continent in the communist, liberal capitalist continent: territory).


“It was a tense relationship from the beginning. It should be remembered that the British were enemies of many Hong Kong people, especially those who were financially well off. For those who just wanted freedom, however, it ended with Han switching from English [etnia majoritária no continente, enquanto Hong Kong é 92% cantonesa]”- says John, a Western journalist who has lived in the city for 30 years, asking to use a fictional name.

It was beneficial for China. Hong Kong has become a trading hub with the world, through which about 65% of the flow of foreign investment flows from country to country. Strictly unregulated capitalism has turned the city into an international financial center.

It has always been a mess, as it was in 2003 or 2014, but 2019 was a significant event, as it was more than six months of acute crisis with US intervention. Hong Kong became part of Washington’s Cold War 2.0 campaign against Xi’s self-confidence, and tight control in Beijing became a political necessity.

As a result, the “two systems” collapsed with the intervention of the legislature, which can now elect only “patriots”, mandatory quotation marks, and its composition was changed to reduce access through direct voting. The judiciary, whose autonomy was at the heart of the deal, now sees Chinese secret police operating freely in the area, and draconian law has jailed hundreds of people.


For example, all the activists with whom the report was discussed in 2019 are now either in prison or in exile. Citizens who prefer to stay hide their identities, speak indirectly by electronic means, fearing the posted control.

As John says, Hong Kong today is on its way to becoming a Chinese city, like the others, because its DNA does not allow it with a quiet egg. Its economic role remains strong but divided. In 2021, despite the largest influx of foreign investment in history, it was mainly Chinese.

And there was a reduction in their relative weight. Before IPOs (public offerings of shares), Hong Kong registered a capital of only 15 in the first quarter of this year, 90% less than in the same period in 2021. Shenzhen and Beijing performed: From January 85 to March.


Economically, however, Hong Kong is likely to resist and reassert itself along Beijing-designed lines. From a political point of view, it seems difficult to meet the demands. John claims that the vitality that occupied him as a 20-year-old city has “completely passed”, being replaced by “tension and distrust”.


“Now we have no hope. Many of the illustrated Hong Kong people left. Others are trapped. “I believe the socio-political issues will not be resolved, they will be exacerbated, because the people with the talent to solve problems have left.” .

He shows his vision for the election of former Hong Kong security chief John Lee as a replacement for Kerry Lam, who has been the area’s notorious chief executive since 2017. “She has a bad reputation. He was a high-ranking police officer in 2019, he made wrong decisions, and now he has the support of Beijing. “He will only carry out the order,” says the activist.

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