China is signaling to Brazil that it will resume beef imports “at the appropriate time”.

Chinese health authorities have signaled to the Brazilian government that they will resume beef imports “at the appropriate time”.

Last Tuesday night (7), the Ministry of Agriculture provided the General Administration of Customs of China (Gacc, abbreviation in English) with the latest technical information regarding the isolated and atypical case of cattle during a bilateral meeting. spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), a disease known as ‘mad cow disease’, was discovered in an animal in Para in February.

“Now the recovery of foreign sales depends on China. They said they will reopen on time,” said the source accompanying the negotiations.

The assessment by the Brazilian government is that there is nothing to be done to resume exports at the moment. The protocol signed between the countries provides for the immediate suspension of exports if BSE is detected, and that the decision to approve exports rests with China.

No date has yet been set for the reopening, sources said, but the Ministry of Agriculture maintains that foreign sales will be cleared before President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s visit to the country at the end of March.

“They are satisfied with virtual meetings and have abandoned the need for a personal delegation from Brazil,” said another interlocutor.

Yesterday, Agriculture Minister Carlos Favaro announced that the “ball” is now in China’s court to restore Brazilian beef exports to Beijing.


Favaro said the Brazilian government had provided all the information on the case and clarified the Chinese issues, and that there were no “technical problems” for Brazil to return to exporting meat there.

“Today, the ball is in the hands of the Chinese government, they are analyzing all the information we transmit. Now it’s time to wait for China if you want more information. If necessary, I will do it personally.

I think this creates trust, respect and an opportunity to expand markets,” he told reporters.

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