CHIO in Aachen.  show the jumper in the first place.  Klimke confuses the beginning of hairdressingWorld News 

CHIO in Aachen. show the jumper in the first place. Klimke confuses the beginning of hairdressing

CHIO in Aachen
Show the jumper in the first place. Klimke confuses the beginning of hairdressing

Show the jumping Andre Tim to the audience on Chakaria Waves. Photo by Uwe Anspach / dpa

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The audience is watching Ingrid Klimke during the biggest horse show in the world. The world-class rider is having a special premiere. There are four firsts in the show jump.

Even before the last rider Andre Tim rode, the German team had won the traditional CHIO competition. The national team led by the European champion won in Aachen under the spotlight.

The quartet, which surrounded Plau-am-Se’s rider with his pirate Chakaria, conceded just one 11-meter point during heavy rains in Aachen. “I was not sure he had never been to Aachen,” said Timne after his first round with his golden calf, which he completed without mistakes. “He is what he is, he is a fighter, he is fighting for me,” said the rider from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. He was “super happy to have done so well here.” He did not have to fight for the second round.

“Just a great feeling”

The host quartet included Christian Kukuk (Riesenbeck) with Mumbai, Jan Friederike Meyer-Zimmermann (Pinnberg) with Messi, and Belgian Jana Wargers with Limbridge. All four rode for the first time on the CHIO team. Last year, the host team took sixth place.

Christian Kukuk’s speech was painful in the first period. Riesenbeck’s rider conceded eight penalty points in the round of Mumbai, showing a neglected result. In the second round, everything went better, Kukuk and his stallion remained clear. “It was just a great feeling in the second round,” commented the rider. “We counterattacked.”

The performance of two women in the team was also impressive. In the first round, Jean Friederike Meyer-Zimmermann from Messinia with Messi and Jana Wargers, who lives in Bocholt, Belgium, with Limbridge remained undefeated. In the second, Wargers was knocked down after his horse lost his shoe on the course. “I saw the iron fly,” said Wargers. Meyer-Zimmermann even rode flawlessly for the second time.

For national team coach Otto Becker, the jump, which was worth one million euros, was “a test of endurance for the World Cup.” The other candidates for the World Cup in Herning, Denmark in August are Marcus Enning from Borken, Christian Ahlman (Marl) and Daniel Deiser, who also lives in Belgium.

“I am satisfied with the horse, not the rider”

Ingrid Klimke had an unsuccessful premiere before. During his first tour of the German national dress team, he started with unexpected and unusual mistakes. One of the most successful events in the world, he entered the arena with Francisco very late, once in the wrong direction at the beginning of the Grand Prix. Klimke self-critically confessed. “I am satisfied with the horse, but not with the rider.”

The 54-year-old Münster’s eagerly awaited debut on two CHIO national teams, in the event’s dress-up, began with an accident, with Francisco “upset”. The Münster rider, who won a total of ten gold medals at the European Championships, the World Championships, the Olympics, and then made her national team debut.

After the Grand Prix և before the special match scheduled for Saturday Գերման, the German team is in the second place in the Nations Cup. Denmark is 229,740 points ahead of the leading team (228,499) and the Netherlands (219,608). Klimke’s rating was a neglected result for Germany, as only the top three results from each team are included.


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