Christina Pedroce makes sure her 2022 farewell look sends a message

Cristina Pedroce is a few days away from saying goodbye to 2022, ninth consecutive year on Antena 3, together with Alberto Cicote. La presentera, que hace unos días adelantó en ¡HOLA! some details of her appearance, she explained that every month of December passes “very nervous“for the expected night has come.”I listen to the roomsI say between laughs passapapalabra, where all the invited guests have gone out of their way to reveal some of the details in how they will be dressed. 🇧🇷No llevo case, no silver socks or sandals. none of that“, replied the wife of Dabiz Muñoz to Raquel Sánchez Silva. Cristina also said that these Campanadas are very special because every year he tries to overcome so the people who follow her”le llegue y le guste más“because besides the message that will launch may bring tears to the eyes of the viewers.


Cristina Pedroche reveals one of the biggest secrets of the dress she will wear to Campanadas in 2023.

🇧🇷Lo que quiero es que les llegue. Luego whether they like the dress or not, so everyone has their own opinion. Pero me gusta que llegue y que toque. This year is the year of the message, this year is the year that I want and I would like people to have some tears. I believe we will play this year. I really think even if I put the skin on the chicken and I’m very emotional” says Cristina to Roberto Leal, who was surprised by all the work that is being done behind the door of Pedroce’s point to say goodbye to the year after Antena 3.”We have been preparing everything since January last year“, added the associate of Catching upwho also admitted that his mother was a big fan of Orestes, one of the contestants who had won the most.

The presenter also confirmed that she will be the presenter of Campanadas on Antena 3 the year that comes to say goodbye to 2023, as she already has everything chosen for her dress. “I’ve got the next one because it’s the tenth anniversary and I also have to do something big, but I believe this year is the best I’ve ever undertaken” said Cristina, who bromi said that if they don’t die in the Atresmedia circuit, they will have it from their social profiles. Pedros also explained that well preserved and that, moreover, he has around the clothes he has worn in previous years, because he likes to approach and see and touch them.


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Very nostalgic as she remembered the dresses she had designed eight years ago (suits she always ended up trying on her husband), Christina admitted the reason for the days before Campanadas were taken out of the closet. 🇧🇷I like to touch and feel them to remember those sensations that I experienced those days, so that I don’t forget how important and special it is to say goodbye to the last night of the year con todos los españoles y que cada ano nos elijan más. I couldn’t be more grateful,” she concluded.

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