Christmas call. Applications to “talk” to Santa Claus

Everyone knows that too Santa Claus even the magicians did not allow themselves to be seen. On the magical night of Christmas or Epiphany, they distribute gifts and then disappear without a trace. However, technology allows children to interact with them. If they can’t see Santa Claus, at least thanks to him they can hear him Christmas call.

How is such a thing possible? We owe it all to some mobile applications designed to chat, chat and even take photos with Santa. Here are some of the best ones that will be loved by the little ones at home. And adults too.

Before we begin our review, an important notice. all the suggestions you’ll find below should be Must be configured by an adult. If we leave them in the hands of the little ones, we can spoil the surprise and, perhaps, cause them disappointment. You have to think about the children.

Google Santa Tracker:

holy tracer

Where is Santa right now? He comes to our town to bring us gifts. During the most magical night of the year, the answer to these questions for children comes from an app Google Santa Tracker:.

This is a fun app that little ones will love as it lets you learn more about Santa’s daily routine, his routine, taking care of his reindeer, where he buys his presents, and more.

talk to santa claus

talk to santa claus

This is an app only available for iOS. Through talk to santa claus we will be able to receive a call from him and hear the Christmas message in his own voice.

There is an opportunity to choose the moment when we would like to receive the call and how we want this conversation to be (there are 10 different options). And all completely free. A very fun way to make these holidays special in our homes.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

a message from Santa Claus

a message from Santa Claus

Get a personalized message from Santa on your phone, completely free and almost ad-free. Back a message from Santa Claus, kids can get a wake-up call from Santa if they’ve misbehaved or a congratulations from the North Pole if they’ve been good. Gifts are at stake.

There is also an option through this app leave messages for Santa’s voicemail, which he will listen to later when he has time. Other interesting features are the Christmas countdown clock, the North Pole weather forecast or the chance to meet each of the reindeer in their magical sleigh.

Portable North Pole


A fun and creative app to design really elaborate and personalized video calls and calls with different scenarios and different dialogues. imagine Santa Claus addresses our children. mentioning his name and even showing his picture. This is one of the many options for this app, although there are many more if you choose the paid version.

Other additions to the app Portable North Pole They are various Christmas games, a walk through Santa’s town and, above all, a feedback recorder so that we can have photos of our children talking to Santa. A great memory for a lifetime.

video call from Santa Claus

video call Santa Claus

Kangaroo Games brings us this adorable app that lets Santa himself interact with kids video call from cold Lapland. A true Christmas bell and an experience no child will be able to forget.

Video Call from Santa is a free app, although it offers a paid option (for only €1.09) to have unlimited calls.

Video call to Santa Claus

video call Santa Claus

An app that is very similar to its predecessor, albeit with some differences that make it particularly attractive. Back Video call to Santa Clausboys and girls can call or receive direct calls from Santa Claus, who, as everyone knows, is another name for Santa Claus.

Children’s names can be entered for Santa to address them and ask them questions, such as whether they have been good or what gifts they would like to receive. Even you can program the time when we want this call to happenisn’t that great? Most features are free, although there are paid ones.

Later conversations with Santa Claus are recorded and can be share via Facebook or iMessages (in case of doing them with iPhone).

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Wise Men TV

wise people tv

No, we haven’t forgotten the Three Wise Men. This project was born in December 2015 by LP Cultural Association and a technology StartUp called Eternity. The idea is to be able to establish direct communication between the boys and girls of Spain and their Highness the Magi from the East. Wise Men TV It offers us a very real and very exciting experience. Pure Christmas magic.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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